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Re: schools of knowledge

Mar 31, 1994 02:01 PM
by Arvind Kumar

> Just short and sweet this time.  If you're not familiar with the
> COLLECTED WRITINGS, AAB does expand (or is it extend) on what's
> there.  I think the Vidya collection is just the odd numbered
> schools.  What does anyone else think?
Hi Brenda,

I enjoyed reading your message on schools of knowledge.
I particularly like your effort to 'synthesise' by
taking what both AAB and HPB have written and trying to
put it together.  That is what I have been hoping
more people will do.  I'll hope that as you read more of TCF,
you'll write more messages of this type.

Regarding the Vidya collection, why do you suppose that it
refers to only the odd numbered schools? Vidya is a
Sanskrit word which means 'Education' and probably applies
to all schools (unless I am missing the point somehow).



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