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message from Paddy Plasto in Australia

Mar 30, 1994 06:08 PM
by Jessica L. Coker

This is from Paddy:

At present I am writing a University paper.  The question is this: Can
the phenomenon of religious experience be understood through the type
of you are engaged in in this course? In other words, can we learn
about religious experience through empirically and rationally guided
inquiry, or is religious experience the type of thing that simply can't
be examined through these methods? In answering this question you may
wish to raise the issues of the privacy of religious experience, the
ono-cognitive nature of nature of religious experience and
reductionism.  You might also wish to distinguish the rational from the
empirical approaches.  The texts: William James ...The Varieties of
Religious Experience and Huston Smith ...The Religions of Man

Paddy asks if anyone would be interested in shedding some light on this

She has been having trouble getting her messages through.  I have
quickly retyped her message -- mistakes are mine.  Question is hers.

Nice to see you all on Saturday Thanks for the compliment, Jerry.

Kisses.  Nancy

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