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Mar 18, 1994 09:24 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

The 3/20 New York Times Book Review has an interesting review
of a book entitled Hyperspace by theoretical physicist Michio
Kaku.  Here are some excerpts:

     Ever since Einstein tried and failed to find a unified
field theory relating gravity to the other forces of nature,
physicists have vainly sought a method of describing the
gravitational force in terms of quantum mechanics...Mr. Kaku
believes that the mathematical theory of "superstrings" may
already have accomplished this...

this means thinking of reality in terms of 10 dimensions,
rather than in terms of the three dimensions of space that
ordinary mortals can perceive, plus the one dimension of time...

Mr. Kaku even gives an explanation of what may have happened to
the six dimensions that we cannot perceive...the 10-dimensional
infant universe may have split into two parts an instant after
it came into being: one part became embedded in the familiar
three dimensions of space and one of time, and the other part
was retracted from view, so that the six remaining dimensions
became hidden in string-like entities of almost infinitesimal

in the 16th century, Rabbi Isaac ben Solomon Luria devised a
cosmological world view that seems to have prefigured
superstring theory...the soul and inner life of the hidden God
were expressed by the 10 primordial numbers, known as the
sefirot.  God's first act of creation, the zimzum, was to
retract Himself from the cosmos to make room for the world.

Sounds like a book worth reading and comparing to Theosophical
teachings on cosmology, especially HPB and G de P.

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