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Re: more keys

Mar 16, 1994 08:52 AM
by Arvind Kumar

Hi Brenda (some material below is for Jerry H-E),

> Thanks, Arvind, for your responses.  I just know that all the
> teachers of theosophy I have met are inspirational.  No one takes
> the lectern and condemns us with hell-fire.  Why do they make
> theosophy so pleasing to us in speeches and books?  I guess it's
> a matter of style.  Nobody carries their professional work into
> friendly conversations, I suppose.

Your previous message was certainly very relevant for me.  After
writing to you, I observed myself as I was writing to Jerry H-E
the same day and I discovered that there were what appeared to be
'hostile areas' within the messages. In many cases, I found that
I did not have the time to 'correct' my language to make it more
friendly and loving.  Perhaps it is better to not say anything
rather than saying something in an unfriendly manner (which may
have a potentially negative effect on the readers of the message).
I am going to try to restrict myself in this way from now on.
Our outer life MUST reflect what we profess to know as Inner
Reality and we must ever strive to focus on the not-self in
every activity.  So thanks again, my friend, my teacher!

> I've been looking at A TREATISE ON COSMIC FIRE (TCF) by Bailey
> and found some material on the Root Races and also on the keys.
> AAB gives a list that looks like this in a footnote on p. 110.
> "The keys, as hinted by H.P.B., are:
>      a. Psychological - S.D. II, 25, note; I, 389.
>      b. Astronomical - S.D. II, 25, note; I, 389; III, 198.
>      c. Physical or Physiological - S.D. II, 25, note; III, 198.
>      d. Metaphysical - S.D. II, 25, note; II, 394.
>      e. Anthropological - S.D. I, 389; III, 198.
>      f. Astrological - S.D. II, 343.
>      g. Geometrical - S.D. II, 494; III, 176.
>      h. Mystical - S.D., I, 401.
>      i. Symbolical - S.D., II, 561.
>      j. Numerical. - S.D., II, 198."
> Did anyone know that this list was here?

I certainly did not know about this list.  There is probably a need to
study the entire TCF before we can have a more meaningful public
discussion on it.  I have the original (facsimile edition) of TSD so
the references provided in TCF to TSD are not easy for me to look up.
Can you provide the quotation related to the psychological key from
TSD? Is it the same one that you provided some 6 months ago? Even if it
is, I'd still appreciate if you can write it down again.


Arvind Kumar

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