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Mar 10, 1994 01:43 PM
by Leonard E. Cole

To Mike Grenier -

     Do you think a ". . .swat at the mosquitos which bite in the
summer evening. . ." is the best choice of action by a highly
intelligent life form?  To phrase it another way, do you think the
relatively minor nuisance of a nibble by a small insect deserves death
by "swat" when less violent, non-lethal choices are available?  If the
first human reaction to an irritation is murder, what does that say
about the human specie?  We have no way of knowing that the mosquito
does not value its own life as much as we value ours.

     I'm glad you thought enough about the issue to ask the
question.  That way leads to a kinder, gentler, more compassionate

Peace with justice to all life -

leonard cole
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