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Feb 28, 1994 05:16 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Brenda.

This paper is going to list the sub-races of the Fifth Aryan race
as well as mention "family races" and miscellaneous branchings
and offshoots.

1st Sub-Race - Hindu
2nd Sub-Race - Egyptian
3rd Sub-Race - Greeks and Romans
4th Sub-Race - Asiatic
5th Sub-race - European
6th Sub-race - American

Quotes are from THE SECRET DOCTRINE by H.P.Blavatsky.

Vol II p. 444-445 "Thus the Americans have become in only three
centuries a "primary race," pro tem., before becoming a race
apart, and strongly separated from all other now existing races.
They are, in short, the germs of the Sixth sub-race, and in some
few hundred years more, will become most decidedly the pioneers
of that race which must succeed to the present European or fifth
sub-race, in all its new characteristics."

Vol II p. 750 "And yet there are records which show Egyptian
priests - Initiates - journeying in a North-Westerly direction,
by land, via what became later the Straits of Gibraltar; turning
North and travelling through the future Phoenician settlements of
Southern Gaul; then still further North, until reaching Carnac
(Morbihan) they turned to the West again and arrived, still
travelling by land, on the North-Western promontory of the New
     What was the object of their long journey?  And how far
back must we place the date of such visits?  The archaic records
show the Initiates of the Second Sub-Race of the Aryan family
moving from one land to the other for the purpose of supervising
the building..... (etc.)"

Vol II p. 743 "The Secret Doctrine teaches that it was the
latest, seventh sub-race of the Atlanteans, already swallowed up
in one of the early sub-races of the Aryan stock, one that had
been gradually spreading over the continent and islands of
Europe, as soon as they had begun to emerge from the seas.
Descending from the high plateaux of Asia, where the two Races
had sought refuge in the days of the agony of Atlantis, it had
been slowly settling and colonizing the freshly emerged lands.
The emigrant sub-race had rapidly increased and multiplied on
that virgin soil; had divided into many families, which in their
turn divided into nations. Egypt and Greece, the Phoenicians, and
the Northern stocks, had thus proceeded from that one sub-race."

"Northern stocks" refers to all 3 subraces after the fourth and
the "Phoenician" is a substitute for the surviving Turanian,
Mongol, or Chinese sub-race - the fourth sub-race of the Aryan
Root Race which isn't included as proceeding from the one initial

Vol II p. 281 "What would you say to our affirmation that the
Chinese I speak of the inland, the true Chinaman, not of the
hybrid mixture between the Fourth and Fifth Races now occupying
the throne, the aborigines who belong in their unallied
nationality wholly to the highest and last branch of the Fourth
Race reached their highest civilization when the Fifth had hardly
appeared in Asia" (Esoteric Buddhism, p. 67). And this handful of
the inland Chinese are all of a very high stature. Could the most
ancient MSS. in the Lolo language (that of the aborigines of
China) be got at and translated correctly, many a priceless piece
of evidence would be found. But they are as rare as their
language is unintelligible. So far, one or two European
archaeologists only have been able to procure such priceless

I've begun to associate the Chaldean, Semitic, Phoenician, and
Zoroastrian or Parsi, as well as Mazdean or Magi, and other
groups with a mysterious influence and not a race???  As some of
this is associated with Arab and resides on the continent of
Africa, I can only guess that it may be the forerunner of the
seventh subrace. For instance,

Vol I p. 288 "To quote for this purpose from any other [other
than Hermetic Fragments, bst] would be useless, since the public
knows nothing of the Chaldean works which are translated into
Arabic and preserved by some Sufi initiates."

Vol II p. 471 Footnote "Strictly speaking, the Jews are an
artificial Aryan race, born in India, and belonging to the
Caucasian division.  No one who is familiar with the Armenians
and the Parsis can fail to recognize in the three the same Aryan,
Caucasian type.  From the seven primitive types of the Fifth Race
there now remain on Earth but three. As Prof. W. H. Flower aptly
said in 1885, "I cannot resist the conclusion so often arrived at
by various anthropologists that the primitive man, whatever he
may have been, has in the course of ages diverged into three
extreme types, represented by the Caucasian of Europe, the
Mongolian of Asia, and the Ethiopian of Africa, and that all
existing individuals of the species can be ranged around these
types." (The Presidential Address at the Anthropological
Institute of Great Britain and Ireland.  See their Journal, Vol
XIV, 1885, pp. 378 et seq.) Considering that our Race has reached
its Fifth Sub-race, how can it be otherwise?"

Vol II p. 436 "As stated in ESOTERIC BUDDHISM, the Egyptians, as
well as the Greeks and "Romans" some thousand years ago, were
"remnants of the Atlanto-Aryans," i.e., the former, of the older,
or the Ruta Atlanteans; the last-named, the descendants of the
last race of that island, whose sudden disappearance was narrated
to Solon by the Egyptian Initiates. The human Dynasty of the
older Egyptians, beginning with Menes, had all the knowledge of
the Atlanteans, though there was no more Atlantean blood in their
veins. Nevertheless, they had preserved all their Archaic

Vol II p. 222 "These traditions give the name of Rutas to the
peoples which inhabited this immense equinoctial continent, and
from their speech was derived the Sanskrit."

Rutas may have been the fifth sub-race of the Atlanteans, which
survived and turned into the Aryan 1st sub-race - our Hindus.

Vol II p. 435-6 "The three "Virgins," or Virgo in three different
positions, meant, with both, the record of the first three
"divine or astronomical Dynasties," who taught the Third Root-
Race; and after having abandoned the Atlanteans to their doom,
returned (or redescended, rather) during the third Sub-Race of
the Fifth, in order to reveal to saved humanity the mysteries of
their birthplace - the sidereal Heavens."

This to me points to the Greeks and Romans and their myths.
Everyone by now is familiar with the incarnation of the Dhyan
Chohans in the Third Race in order to provide future mankind with
their wisdom and form. Here is what else is said about the third
sub-race.  This again verifies that the Greeks and Romans are a
distinct favorite for this category.:

Vol II p. 753 "No skeleton ever yet found is older than between
50, or 60,000 years, and man's size was reduced from 15 to 10 or
12 feet, ever since the third sub-race of the Aryan stock, which
sub-race born and developed in Europe and Asia Minor under new
climates and conditions had become European."

Vol II p. 435 "Now our Fifth Root-Race has already been in
existence as a race sui generis and quite free from its parent
stem about 1,000,000 years; therefore it must be inferred that
each of the four preceding Sub-Races has lived approximately
210,000 years; thus each Family-Race has an average existence of
about 30,000 years. Thus the European "Family Race" has still a
good many thousand years to run, although the nations or the
innumerable spines upon it, vary with each succeeding "season" of
three or four thousand years. It is somewhat curious to mark the
comparative approximation of duration between the lives of a
"Family-Race" and a "Sidereal year.""

Vol II p. 106 "The several branches of the Aryan Race, the
Asiatic and the European, the Hindu and the Greek, did their best
to conceal their [the kabiri's, bst] true nature, if not their

And again we see, Asiatic - fourth, European - fifth, Hindu -
first, Greek - third.

Vol II p. 433 "Nevertheless, the meaning is plain, as the three
Zodiacs belong to three different epochs: namely, to the last
three family races of the fourth Sub-race of the Fifth Root-race,
each of which must have lived approximately from 25 to 30,000
years. The first of these (the "Aryan Asiatics") witnessed the
doom of the last of the populations of the "giant Atlanteans" who
perished some 850,000 years ago (the Ruta and Daitya
Island-Continents) toward the close of the Miocene Age. Ihe
fourth sub-race witnessed the destruction of the last remnant of
the Atlanteans the Aryo-Atlanteans in the last island of
Atlantis, namely, some 11,000 years ago."

Vol II p. 433 footnote "The term "Atlantean" must not mislead the
reader to regard these as one race only, or even a nation. It is
as though one said "Asiatics." Many, multityped, and various were
the Atlanteans, who represented several humanities, and almost a
countless number of races and nations, more varied indeed than
would be the "Europeans" were this name to be given
indiscriminately to the five existing parts of the world; which,
at the rate colonization is proceeding, will be the case,
perhaps, in less than two or three hundred years."

Vol II p. 425 "They "of the yellow hue" are the forefathers of
those whom Ethnology now classes as the Turanians, the Mongols,
Chinese and other ancient nations; and the land they fled to was
no other than Central Asia.  There entire new races were born;
there they lived and died until the separation of the nations.
But this "separation" did not take place either in the localities
assigned for it by modern science, nor in the way the Aryans are
shown to have divided and separated by Max Muller and other
Aryanists.  Nearly two-thirds of one million years have elapsed
since that period.  The yellow-faced giants of the post-Atlantean
day had ample time, throughout this forced confinement to one
part of the world, and with the same racial blood and without any
fresh infusion or admixture in it, to branch off during a period
of nearly 700,000 years into the most heterogeneous and
diversified types.  The same is shown in Africa; nowhere does a
more extraordinary variability of types exist, from black to
almost white, from gigantic men to dwarfish races; and this only
because of their forced isolation.  The Africans have never left
their continent for several hundred thousands of years.  If
tomorrow the continent of Europe were to disappear and other
lands to re-emerge instead; and if the African tribes were to
separate and scatter on the face of the earth, it is they who, in
about a hundred thousand years hence, would form the bulk of the
civilized nations.  And it is the descendants of those of our
highly cultured nations, who might have survived on some one
island, without any means of crossing the new seas, that would
fall back into a state of relative savagery."

Vol II p. 738 Part of a chart titled "FACTORS CONCERNED IN THE

1. Variation transmitted by heredity.
2. Natural Selection.
3. Sexual Selection.
4. Physiological Selection.
5. Isolation.
6. Correlation of Growth.
7. Adaptation to Environment. (Intelligent as opposed to
mechanical causation.)"

Note: Sexual Selection occurred in the Third Root-Race.
Physiological Selection means man is now physical and independent
in the Fourth Root-Race.  Fifth Root Race - Inconsistent contact
with Divine Beings or Isolation from progenitors.

I hope these thoughts make some sense.  I really have about 10-20
times this amount of material and may be able to make some more
combinations of quotes if no one objects.

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