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Comparison of HPB/AAB Teachings

Feb 22, 1994 02:46 PM
by Arvind Kumar


Thanks for following along with Jerry H-E and me as
we struggle along with the comparative analysis of
the works of AAB and HPB.  What may be useful for you
(or indeed anyone on theos-l) to do is to perhaps list
out a set of the 'top' 10 HPB teachings.  I (and others
familiar with the writings of AAB) can then provide
the corresponding teaching of AAB, if any, alongwith
the appropriate references.

As I indicated in my last message to Jerry H-E, I'll
probably not be writing any more messages this week
so that gives you at least a few days to think about the
teachings of HPB that you'd like to point out for such
a comparison.  I do believe that we can learn a lot more
this way.

Best Regards/Arvind

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