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Feb 21, 1994 07:56 AM
by Jessica L. Coker

this is from Nancy --

Please tell me the name of the author that I sat next to
at one of the Parliament events who you had asked me to
say hello to.  He specializes in thinking about the future
of religions.  Does Quest publish his stuff?  I'd like to
get my hands on some of his work.

You had asked, a long time ago, about why we were interesed
that is interested in Mr. Entin at the Roerich Museum in
NY.  He has been helping ship theosophical material into
Russia as postal services are unreliable.  We have an arts
group TACO, Theosophical Arts Co OP, that shipped some stuff
through him.  He is enthusiastic about spreading the ideas
of brotherhood and compassion through the arts.  Sorry for
the long delay in responding.  Although I try to be religious
about copying down all the mail, I don't always read it in a
timely or orderly fashion.

Jerry HE and Arvind,
Someong just mentioned to me that Bailey had been a
Christian Fundamentalist -- evangelical sort -- till
mid-life.  If true, perhaps this helps explain the constant
reliance on anthropomorphising divinity?????

Jerry HE
Do you or April have any news on how the March 26 get
together in OJAI is coming along?

Bye . Nancy

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