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Re: Paul Johnson's comments on my comments!

Feb 18, 1994 10:20 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Dear Terry,

Your interest in dialogue is in itself evidence that you're not
an extreme Theosophical fundamentalist.  Maybe only 5% in the
movement are-- but since they're the most likely to be outraged
by my work I am highly conscious of the nature of their
opposition.  I don't mean to accuse you of blind belief, and if
my comments express some exasperation or bitterness it's based
on a series of experiences since the Gnosis article came out--
not your own questions/comments.

Divergence of opinion and outlook is a healthy aspect of the
Theosophical movement, "within certain limits" as HPB said.
The limits aren't, I would think, those of the opinions or
outlooks but rather of the mutual respect with which we address
points of disagreement.

Dugpas are a pretty sensitive topic to me because a very high
ranking Theosophist has gone so far as to suggest that my
writings have been inspired (dictated?) by them.

This dialogue is good practice for me to develop an explanatory
rather than a defensive mode of response to criticism or
challenge, and I appreciate your help in keeping on track.


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