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Paul Johnson's comments on my comments!

Feb 17, 1994 08:17 PM

by Terry Hobbes

Thanks Paul for your comments!

You write:

>BUT to refer to them as "Sources" rather than "sources"
suggests a worshipful attitude, which I personally feel is
>inappropriate.  To each his own-- I loathe the capitalization
>of words to indicate holiness of Those To Whom They Refer--
>it's such an affectation. . . . .

>. . . .I probably don't believe ANYTHING in the sense you are
>meaning. . . .

When I capitalized "Sources" I did NOT intend to imply a
"worshipful attitude".  If anything was intended, I only
meant to intend that HPB was getting information from a
*special* source.  For example, Master Morya may have given
her information on a specific subject.  This information would
be information not gleaned from her own knowledge, her own
reading, etc.

HPB and KH and M all stated (whether we choose to believe it
or not) that they had adeptic powers which gave them access
to information not easily accessible (if at all) on the physical
plane.  I am not one to be very worshipful myself contrary to
whatever impressions I have given in these theosophical discussions.

I don't blindly believe something because HPB said it or because
the Masters said it or because HPB said the Mastes said it.
I try to understand the statement, the teaching, implications,
conveyed by the statement and I try to relate it to other things
I know.  Sometimes I accept the statement at face value based on
what I already know.  Sometimes I say "interesting" but have not
anyway to confirm or deny so I put it aside and wait for later
confirmation or rejection.

I don't think this is a "worshipful" attitude.  I do consider that
HPB conveys information from Adeptic Sources but this is based on
years of study of the material and is not blind, naive acceptance
of everything HPB writes.  Many of the statements of HPB and the
Masters I have initially received with a great deal of skepticism
but years later would discover material that elucidated and
confired the iginal statements.  As a result, I have gained
confidence in tis Source.

When I asked you the question:  "K.H. and M and other members of the
Occult Fraternity have this knowledge. . . . .Do you believe she
transmitted Knowledge from that Source?" I simply meant, do you
believe this is true based upon your study, reflection, analsyis
of the evidence, etc?  I did not imply that you should blindly
accept and believe on face value!

I believe in many things and I hope that my "belief" is not nairve
(mispelled) naive.  I have tried to go through the material, evaluate
it, and then try to see if I understand it and then and only then,
ask if I can accept it or reject it, etc.

But the bottom line is first, to really read and study what HPB
writes without initially trying to decide if what she says is
right or wrong, true or false, or anything, but simply to try to

UNDERSTAND what she is talking
about.  I find that far too many students of her writings aren't
willing to (1) LISTEN and (2) try to UNDERSTAND what she is talking
about.  Enough of this.

I do not worship either HPB or the Masters.  But I do respect HPB and t
the Masters based upon my study of their writings over many years.

I don't think HPB or the Masters want us to worship them!  But
I am grateful to them for what they have given out to the world!


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