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Feb 17, 1994 02:39 PM
by Arvind Kumar

Jerry H-E,

Continuing my post from yesterday...

>      I believe you are correct in saying that our objectives
> differ.  My objective is to look at the Bailey writings and
> compare them to H.P.B. and perhaps also Leadbeater and Besant.
> In order to do this, I must be able to understand what AAB and FB
> mean by the terms they use.  If by "dog" they mean "cat,"  I can
> accept that, if I can determine that is what they mean.  My
> understanding of what you wrote earlier was that you were certain
> that AAB and FB meant "TSD" when they wrote "TSD", until I showed
> that this would mean that they didn't know what they were taking
> about.  Then you switched and were certain that they meant "the
> SD" when they wrote "TSD."  Then you became neutral on the issue,
> when the possibility was raised that they may have been quoting
> from a document that H.P.B. wrote.  You say that your "objective
> is to learn as much as I can from this communication."  Your
> pattern of shifting positions suggests to me that you also have
> other "objectives"  that play an important part in how you
> interpret AAB's writings.  This concerns me.

(a)What do you suppose my "other objectives" are?  Do I come
across as someone trying to force AAB on others?

(b)You seem to be regarding me as a person who knows AAB's
writings thoroughly, which is not the case.  I am a student of
TCF, just like you are, with a background which is colored by
my previous exposure to AS material and some other AAB books
(just like your background is colored by 30 yrs of HPB+ other
studies).  Can we shift the focus to 'studying' together, trying
to find the answers to questions together rather than you expecting
me to uncover for you what the mystery behind the use of SD and
TSD by FB and AAB is?

(c)I also realize somewhat of a peculiarity of my character,
which is that I go for the 'big picture' and donot sometimes
appreciate the 'nuances' in action, speech or writing.  Believe
me, I have a hard time understanding why you are stuck on this
seemingly trivial (to me) issue; it seems like a tremendous
waste of energy to me to try to figure out the use of SD or TSD
by FB or AAB when I cannot find enough time to read the real
HPB or DK works.

>      Our original agreement was to look at AAB's teaching and
> compare them. In order to look at the teachings, we have to know
> what she means by her terms.  When she days "dog" does she mean
> "dog" or "cat?"  When she says "TSD" does she mean "TSD" or "the
> SD?"  I'm at a loss as to how to make this any clearer.  This
> procedure of defining terms is a critical step in the process of
> making a comparison of the writings.  If we are free to change
> the meaning of her terms anytime we feel uncomfortable with the
> implications of the writings, we will be doing nothing but
> reinterpreting them to satisfy preconceived notions.  This may be
> OK with you, but it is not OK with me.  Please tell me what you
> don't understand in this paragraph, that I may try to clarify it.

This is most exasperating for me too : (It is my contention
that you do not need to worry
about whether it is SD or TSD that is being explored inside
TCF.  AAB has said that she did not many times understand what
DK's teaching meant; HPB has said the same thing several times
about the teaching  of the Masters that she gave out.
Why is it so difficult for you to ignore what FB or AAB has
said (by himself or herself) and focus on TCF proper, as
transmitted by DK?  May be FB and AAB did not really know
what they were talking about, so what...

>      I hope Rita had a wonderful birthday, and please extend my
> best wishes to her.

We all had a great time on Rita's birthday.  I often talk to her about
my difficulties in communication with you (and sometimes others
as well).  Perhaps we (Rita and I)'ll get to see each other some day.
BTW, can you say something about the 'origin' of your name? If it
is too awkward a question, just ignore it!

 That is all for now.

 In brotherhood and in the interest of truth,


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