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Radha and Krishna

Feb 14, 1994 01:33 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

While reading Pupul Jayakar's bio of Krishnamurti recently I
was started by something I hadn't noticed before.  Jayakar
gives an eyewitness account of a conversation from November
1979 in which K. asked Radha Burnier if she planned to run for
president of the TS.  When RB said she didn't know, K. said
"what do you mean you don't know" and went on to say the TS was
a failure, it had not fulfilled its original purpose, and that
Annie Besant intended Adyar to be devoted to "the teaching"
[i.e. K.'s teaching].  Jayakar notes a strange intensity filled
the room, and K. asked Radha "Can we do something about it?"
Jayakar later asked K. about the inconsistency between RB being
a stalwart supporter of the Krishnamurti Foundation and running
for the TS presidency and his response was basically that he
was all for Radha running.

In fact, the narrative gives an overwhelming feeling that RB
saw K. as a Guru and ran for PTS at his instigation.  The next
year, he was welcomed back with garlands of roses and visited
Adyar every day he was in the area.

Yet I notice in the current American Theosophist that Radha
invokes the blessings of the Masters with lots of capitalized
pronouns referring to them although K. denounced the cult of the
Masters.  And she heads the ES, which K. advised Besant to
close.  What gives?

Does anyone have any insight into the nature of our president's
adherence to Krishnamurti's teaching and how she or her
admirers reconcile the disparities noted above?

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