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New GASSHO available v1 no2

Feb 13, 1994 01:29 PM
by John Mead

              Electronic Journal of DharmaNet International
                       and the Global Online Sangha

     Volume 1, Number 2      ISSN 1072-2971       January/February 1994

  Editor-in-Chief:     Barry Kapke     or
                                               Fidonet: 1:125/33.0
  Copy Editor:         John Bullitt  
  Contributing Editor: Charles S. Prebish
  Board of Advisors:   Robert Aitken Roshi     Amaro Bhikkhu
                       Carl Bielefeldt         Bhikkhu Bodhi
                       Thubten Chodron         T. Matthew Ciolek
                       Roger Corless           Gangcen Tulku Rinpoche
                       Maha Ghosananda         Joseph Goldstein
                       Joan Halifax            Ayya Khema
                       Anne C. Klein           Jack Kornfield
                       Jacqueline Mandell      Ken McLeod
                       Andrew Olendzki         Charles S. Prebish
                       Alan Senauke            Thanissaro Bhikkhu
                                  others to be announced

  GASSHO is a Buddhist newsletter, published by DharmaNet International,
  P.O. Box 4951, Berkeley, CA 94704-4951, a not-for-profit organization.

                             Table of Contents:

  {1}  EDITORIAL: Message from the Editor
  {2}  NEWS: Dharamsala Goes E-mailing
  {3}  DHARMANET NEWS: Dharma Book Transcription Project; Electronic
       Growth in 1993
  {4}  LETTERS
  {5}  DIALOGUE: The First Precept: Reverence for Life (Thich Nhat Hanh)
  {6}  ARTICLE: The Greatest Gift (John Bullitt)
  {7}  ARTICLE: The Academic Study of Buddhism in America: A Current
         Analysis (Charles S. Prebish)
  {8}  ARTICLE: Exploring New Approaches: The Barre Center for Buddhist
         Studies (Andrew Olendzki)
  {9}  ARTICLE: The American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting: 1993
  {10} PRACTICE: Nothing Special (Ayya Khema)
  {11} CALENDAR: January - March 1994
  {12} REVIEWS: "Fundamentalism, Anyone?" (Richard Hayes)
  {13} RESOURCES: Publishers - Book, Audio, Video, Electronic
  {14} SANGHA: Massachusetts Dharma Centers (USA)

                 How to Get Electronic Copies of GASSHO:

  Internet users may receive GASSHO by electronic subscription in
  Mailing List format. Send an email message to:
  asking to subscribe to GASSHO. This is *not* a Listserv.

  Back issues are available by anonymous ftp to the Dharma Electronic
  Files Archive at FTP.NETCOM.COM ( Change directory to
  /pub/dharma/Gassho/Gassho-01-jan94/       Compressed version of GASSHO v1n2 (Jan/Feb 94)
  gass0102.nws       Uncompressed, full-text version of GASSHO v1n2
  gassho-01-jan94-01of02.txt   Uncompressed version of GASSHO in 2 parts
  gassho-01-jan94-02of02.txt   Uncompressed version of GASSHO in 2 parts
  readme.1st         DharmaNet electronic distribution agreement

  The first edition is available in /pub/dharma/Gassho/Gassho-01-nov93/

  If you have difficulty ftp-ing files from the Dharma Electronic Files
  Archive (DEFA) at FTP.NETCOM.COM, remember that capitalization and
  spelling counts.

  GASSHO is also archived at the Electronic Buddhist Archives at and is available by COOMBSQUEST gopher.

  Additionally, these files may be retrieved via "ftpmail" for those
  without "anonymous ftp" capability. Send an e-mail message addressed
  to "". In the message body put "GET GASS0102.ZIP"
  (current edition) or "GET GASS0101.ZIP" (first edition) or "GET
  ALLFILES.LST" (list of all available files). The file will be returned
  to you as uuencoded e-mail.

  Back issues are also available for dial-up download from DharmaNet
  File Distribution Network (DFN) Sites listed below. To become a DFN
  site, please contact Barry Kapke at BODY DHARMA ONLINE.

  Quarto Mundista BBS, Olympia WA    206-786-9629   Fidonet: 1:352/333
  I CAN! BBS, Chicago IL             312-736-7434   Fidonet: 1:115/738
  The Magic Bus, Royal Oak MI        313-544-3653   Fidonet: 1:120/418
  Santa Cruz Online, Santa Cruz CA   408-458-2528   DharmaNet: 96:105/25
  Access to Insight, Barre MA        508-433-5847   DharmaNet: 96:903/1
  Sir James BBS, Oakland CA          510-261-6863   Fidonet: 1:161/453
  BODY DHARMA ONLINE, Berkeley CA    510-836-4717   Fidonet: 1:125/33
  DangFool, Waverly Hall GA          706-582-3238   Fidonet: 1:3613/8
  Mysteria, Tujunga CA               818-353-8891   Fidonet: 1:102/943
  The Electric Fox, Memphis TN       901-327-1008   Fidonet: 1:123/10
  Converse, Raunds UK                44-933-460744  Fidonet: 2:2504/209
  DoJo, Lindfield NSW, AUSTRALIA     61-2-416-3547  Fidonet: 3:711/918

  GASSHO may also be received through the Fidonet "filebone" by
  subscribing to the file area, DN_NEWS. Note: not all filebone hubs
  carry the DharmaNet File Distribution Network areas. Please see the
  weekly Fidonet file, FILEBONE.NA, for more information. The DharmaNet
  file areas are also available via satellite feed through Planet

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