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Re: Back to the Source: Bogus Claims, etc by Terry Hobbes

Feb 07, 1994 06:23 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Dear Terry,

Thanks for the labor you have put into this.  While I generally
agree with you, I would draw a distinction on the issue of
teachings allegedly superseding those of HPB.  Purucker's are
mostly oriented to filling in the blanks and are VERY
respectful of HPB-- no claim to supersede her is made by him in
the same sense of many others you name.

By the way, I reread Sinnett's autobiography and found that
Leadbeater was part of S.'s circle before he left for Asia, but
didn't get involved in the channeling stuff until after his
return.  Thus my confusion on chronology.

I look forward to your next posting.


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