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2 recommended titles

Feb 03, 1994 00:36 AM

by Terry Hobbes   Boston, MA

To:  Arvind Kumar and other interested parties

I would like to suggest two books that will help you in
your dialogue with Jerry H.-E.:

(1)  To get a chronological perspective of the history of
the Theosophical Movement, I would recommend:

*Ancient Wisdom Revived:  A History of the Theosophical Movement*
by Bruce Campbell.  Published 1980.  248 pp. +

I believe this work is still in print and I would think Jerry H-E
could supply you with a copy.  If you will read the following
chapters you will have a pretty good overview and sense of chronlogy:

ChapteThe Birth of the Theosophical Movement, pp. 1-30
Chapter 4   Formative Years:  Achievement, Controversy, Schism,
            pp. 75-112
Chapter 5   The Twentieth Century:  Three Paths for Theosophy.
            pp, 113-146.
 Also Chapter 6, section on "Offshoots and Related Movements",
            pp. 147-165.

I don't agree with everything Dr.  Campbell says, especially on H.P.B.,
but keeping that in mind, the book is an excellent overview of the
history as well as the teachings of Theosophy.

What do other members on Theos-l think? There are other histories but
they go into alot of detail and you can get bogged down in sideissues.
Campbell's book gives the bird's eyeview.

(2) I agree with Jerry H-E that you need a better edition of H.P.B.'s
*The Key to Theosophy*.  Several editions are available and I recommend
the edition published by The Theosophical University Press, Pasadena,
CA.  This edition contains an unabridged, verbatim reprinting of the
original edition of 1889 and in addition includes H.P.B.'s 60 page
glossary of Theosophical and related terms that she added to the 2nd
edition in 1890.  This edition also has a good 53 page glossary.  And
this edition is available in both hardbound and paperback editions.  I
recommend that you purchase the hardbound edition for durability.
Again I'm sure you can purchase a copy of this Theosophical University
Press edition through Jerry H-E.  Again, I highly recommend this
edition as superior to all other editions on the market.

Enough for now,


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