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globes and microcosm

Dec 27, 1993 08:09 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Brenda Tucker.


One of my favorite activities is attending T.S. programs. You
must have some very interesting Friday evening programs and
perhaps some occasional additional programs, talks, debates, or
seminars. Do you attend these programs regularly? Is there any
possibility of getting short (or long) reports on the events held
in Pasadena that you do attend? I could reminisce about old
times and it might be useful to some of the other network
participants in planning programs of their own.

One of my favorite forums is to have scientists like Itzhak
Bentov, Ravi Ravindra, or Fritjof Capra, even Delores Krieger
prompted to discussion of topics by a philosopher like Renee
Weber. She could always seem to direct their attention to
relevant and interesting topics, and perhaps even turn around and
answer a few of the issues raised by scientists.

Once they had a Jewish author, a Christian writer and lecturer,
and a third representative.(?) The Jewish fellow became so
angered that he left the platform.

The one and only time I attended a Pasadena library talk there
was an educated woman from the community speaking so well that I
thought she surely must have made a name for herself, and that I
was unfortunate for not knowing her work better.

Would something like program reports be something you'd like and
be able to do?

Jerry S.:

I LOVED your paragraph on Monads. Hurrah! Eldon and other
people out here in California have Monaded me to death. However,
what I believe to be lacking in your exposition of the globes is
not quotes to substantiate your thesis, but more MEANING. All of
your principles and planes just amount to WHAT? What do kingdoms
of nature mean? What do races mean? All of this is highlighted
by the doctrine of the planetary chains. You say that each globe
has seven principles, but each of the globes in the planetary
chain is one of the seven principles. Eldon doesn't agree,
because he says that two are on the same plane, but if you look
at the chart on p. 153 Vol I THE SECRET DOCTRINE, you'll see that
the Human Principles are pictured the same way, two to a plane.
Doesn't this emphasize that the planetary chain's existence is
similar and that the downward arc utilizes the Upadhi side, and
the upward arc emphasizes the ensouling life side. Only in the
physical body, the Upadhi of all the others, are all of the seven
principles acting as one.

It's fun that you found the quote remarking that "Atma is no
principle."  Well, here's one that says the body is no principle,
so what is truth? P. 616 Vol II THE SECRET DOCTRINE "We answer
that there are, in fact, only six principles in man; since his
body is NO PRINCIPLE, but the covering, the shell thereof. So
with the PLANETARY CHAIN; speaking of which, esoterically, the
Earth (as well as the seventh, or rather FOURTH plane, one that
stands as the seventh if we count from the first triple kingdom
of the Elementals that begin the formation) may be left out of
consideration, being (to us) the only distinct body of the


Worlds do not refer to globes in the planetary chain, and neither
do sacred planets refer to globes in the planetary chain. The
seven races on earth repeat, in a sense, the activity of the
globes to a degree and in this same regard, man wasn't even
physical until he reached the fourth race, (See chart on p. 688
Vol II, THE SECRET DOCTRINE) but as we are fifth race man, we
would be equated with the fifth globe in the series, the globe on
the astral plane. Does this mean that we lost our physical
bodies? No. But perhaps because in each round we approach more
fully the goal of evolution and it won't be until the fifth round
that we are completely able to touch down physically during the
fourth root race and then manifest in the sense that I (for one)
just desire, which is to be an ascended being who is not obeisant
to the law of reincarnation, but one who more fully manifests his
soul qualities and characteristics in conjunction with the work
of the adepts.

In the next round, humanity won't be spending their fifth race in
physical existence. In fact, it is possible for many people
today to take that great initiation that clothes them in bodies
which were more fully made for the manifestation of their soul
energies, love mainly. As we continue to strive to love and
purify humanity, we are more and more closely drawn to the
hierarchy of adepts who may then direct our charging of the
atmosphere of earth with the qualities which set mankind free
from human limitations. What will happen with the sixth root
race, will physical generation continue or will mankind have
achieved its goal for the fifth round, fifth race, and exist in
this mysterious, ascended way, and whose soul presence can still
be felt on the physical plane?

"This esotericism is the common property of all, and belongs
neither to the Aryan 5th Race, nor to any of its numerous
Sub-races. It cannot be claimed by the Turanians, so-called, the
Egyptians, Chinese, Chaldeans, nor any of the Seven divisions of
the Fifth Root Race, but really belongs to the Third and Fourth
Root Races, whose descendants we find in the Seed of the Fifth,
the earliest Aryans." (THE SECRET DOCTRINE Vol I, 113)

I thought this might be interesting for a possible naming of the
first four subraces and was wondering if anyone else had an idea
what the subraces of the Fifth Root Race are.

"Their Rishis and gods, their Demons and Heroes, have historical
and ethical meanings, and the Aryans never made their religion
rest solely on physiological symbols, as the old Hebrews have
done. This is found in the exoteric Hindu Scriptures. That these
accounts are blinds is shown by their contradicting each other, a
different construction being found in almost every Purana and
epic poem. Read esoterically they will all yield the same
meaning. Thus one account enumerates Seven worlds, exclusive of
the nether worlds, also seven in number; these fourteen upper and
nether worlds have nothing to do with the classification of the
septenary chain and belong to the purely aethereal, invisible
worlds. These will be noticed elsewhere. Suffice for the present
to show that they are purposely referred to as though they
belonged to the chain. "Another enumeration calls the Seven
worlds earth, sky, heaven, middle region, place of birth, mansion
of the blest, and abode of truth; placing the 'Sons of Brahm' in
the sixth division, and stating the fifth, or Jana Loka, to be
that where animals destroyed in the general conflagration are
born again."  (Vol I 115-116 SD)

I liked this quote because it made me think how the Hebrews are
doing such a wonderful service in stressing the physiological,
phallic, or sexual side of life. The reason I state this is that
while "historical and ethical" "Demons and Heroes" seem to have a
more purposeful place in the differentiation of ONENESS, it
doesn't help life on an upward arc to be so torn apart by who has
done what. We were all created, we have all manifested, we have
faced the trials in life, and now for the return arc we are
approaching oneness. We need this emphasis on the physiological
and away from the metaphysical because the great stories
manifesting in physical existence in the fourth race are
complete. What can unify us? What can lead us on the return to

THE SECRET DOCTRINE (p.112 Vol I) speaks of the "three strides of
Vishnu," which are explained as being the various positions of
the sun, rising, noon, and setting. "the Zohar laid it down very
philosophically and comprehensively. It is said and plainly
demonstrated therein that in the beginning the Elohim (Alhim)
were called Ehad, "one," or the "Deity is one in many," a very
simple idea in a pantheistic conception"  "Then came the change,
'Jehovah is Elohim,' thus unifying the multiplicity and taking
the first step towards Monotheism." (p.113) "Stepping out of the
Circle of Infinity...becomes "One" ... then he (or it) is
transformed by evolution into the One in many, ... the Elohim,...
his third Step being taken into the generation of the flesh, or
'Man.'  And from man, or Yah-Havah, "male-female," the inner
divine entity becomes, on the metaphysical plane, once more the
Elohim. The Kabalistic idea is identical with the Esotericism of
the Archaic period."

Some other fun thoughts:

It IS only the mediaeval Kabalists who, following the Jewish and
one or two Neo-Platonists, applied the term Microcosm to man.
Ancient philosophy called the Earth the_Microcosm of the
Macrocosm, and man the outcome of the two. (THE SECRET DOCTRINE
Vol I p. 284)

The invisible Deity is thus also the Dhyan Chohans, or the
Rishis, the primitive seven, and the nine, without, and ten,
including, their synthetical unit; from which IT steps into Man.
(Vol I, 114)

Well, that's enough for now. Happy New Year to all.

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