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Johnson's book and Caldwell's Open Letters

Dec 23, 1993 10:17 AM

 by  Terry Hobbes, Boston      In. address:

I tracked down Mr. Caldwell's phone number yesterday and gave him
a ring. I relayed Paul Johnson's messages posted on Theos-L yesterday.
Mr. Caldwell told me to please post the following on Theos-L since he
no longer subscribes to Theos-L.

"The 2 open letters to Paul Johnson are not for sale. No copies have
been sold. A number of copies were given to various Theosophical
correspondents. Johnson's replies to the 2 letters have not been cir-
culated and will not be circulated at Paul Johnson's request. Copies
of the 2 open letters were sent to Theosophical correspondents not to
irritate Paul Johnson but hopefully to inform and provoke discussion
of this subject. Many Theosophists have a negative view of Johnson's
book and have not even read it!  Paul Johnson's book is a must read for
serious students of Theosophy but, saying that, there are many flaws
in the book. I hope Paul Johnson will not think unkindly of me. I spent
literally dozens of hours reading, studying and analyzing his book in
order to response to his initial request to give him feedback. And I
told him in my first reply that I was sending copies to a dozen or so
Theosophists. As far as I am concerned this is a closed topic. I will
not send out any more copies of my 2 Replies. If anyone wants copies,
please address your request to Paul Johnson. If if wants to give out
copies of my replies, that's okay with me. My desire in writing my
replies was to get out that elusive thing we all are searching
for ... the TRUTH ... my intention was not to create bad feelings,
etc. I hope interested students will read Paul Johnson's In search of
the Masters and will also buy a copy of his new book when it comes out.
I know I will be looking forward to its publication. Daniel Calwell."

Sorry for the typing errors. Terry Hobbes

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