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please explain

Dec 22, 1993 01:13 PM
by eldon

Johnson, Caldwell, and everyone
discussing Johnson's books:

I've been reading on 'theos-l' about Paul's books and how they are
disagreed with. There's something in the books that is not liked.
I haven't read the books, but am curious. Without getting into the
details, nor dealing with the manner in which any of the criticism
has been handled to date, I'd like to ask if someone could formulate
the basic philosophical differences.

Without stating that such-and-such fact is correct, or stating that
these facts were overlooked, without taking an approach of attempting
to prove or disprove the materials, could someone present the points
of philosophy where the differences are? (That is, "Johnson makes it
seem as though ..., but really we know that ...")


I found an interesting quote on the network recently:

    "If what you did yesterday still looks good to you
    --then your goals for tomorrow are not big enough."

    [Ling Fu Yu, ca 600 B.C.]


                               Eldon Tucker (

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