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answer on keys

Dec 21, 1993 10:20 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Brenda Tucker.

Dear Jerry (and anyone interested):

In short, I admit that when I wrote yesterday, I made comments on
your listing of seven keys without noticing that you included
references after each one.  I since then saw that you had listed
references and withdraw my comments about you not being exact

I've never approached the study of THE SECRET DOCTRINE before
from the vantage of the seven keys and think it could be
elucidating.  Although, the psychological reference I found can
not mean the psychology of today (unless H.P.B. was writing for
the future generations), there is still a great deal of interest
in ASTROLOGY and its use and function as a tool to understanding
the personality and makeup of man.  And the reference did equate
psychological to astronomical (and metaphysical to physical,
which is like saying spirit to matter).  I would look to placing
any psychological understanding within the framework of the sixth
key.  Do you include metaphysical in the seventh? The quote you
use in the sixth or astronomical key refers to a visible and
invisible nature, which can be complimented by psychological

I had no awareness of the meaning of the metrological key, but
after what you wrote I checked the references in the index and
came up with a rudimentary understanding of it.  Measuring is
aided by Geometry and the quote you use about the desecrating of
the Bible by Jews so man didn't have an understanding of the
sexual or earthly mysteries (which were just too difficult for
the Hebrew constitution as I elaborate later), is an attempt to
just affirm what you say in General Mention about the Hebrews
having the lower keys. (Did the Jews remove geometry from the
Bible?  I don't remember much geometry in it.)

So I think psychology's fascination with sex life i.e.,
phallicism, IS also relevant to this numerical key of the Hebrews
and the Kabbalah even though the circle and line aren't used to
cross each other in numerical parlance. The Kabbalah they were
able to preserve as its interest lied in other mysteries, but the
Bible contained too much that made him feel desecration of God. I
would say that if you can penetrate beyond the geometrical in the
Bible to the metrological (I do remember finding measurements in
the Bible) then you can discover a theogonic key as well.  Why is
theogonic mystical? Theogony meaning cosmological?

Phallic worship has developed only with the gradual loss of the
keys to the inner meaning of religious symbols; "The Rabbi,
having interpreted the symbol to suit his own tendencies, had to
veil the crude significance; and this served a double purpose -
that of keeping his secret to himself and of exalting himself in
his supposed monotheism over the heathen, whom his Law commanded
him to hate. (Vol II p.471) (Reminding me somewhat of the
frequent reference to the infidel in Islamic literature.)

With Geometry being a "key to the correct Bible reading," and the
history of man being a bible topic, isn't the use of geometric
symbols in the point, circle, line, cross, swastika, a use of the
geometrical key in describing historical man?

I think psychology must have to do with all four lower keys. THE
SECRET DOCTRINE states there is a reason that the Hebrew keys are
lower and the Aryan Hindu (or Eastern Occultist) complete with
all seven keys.  "The Hindu is nearly one million years old; the
Semite Hebrew one of the latest small sub-races being some 8.000
years old and no more." (Vol II p.470-471) If you would like to
read Carlyle's wise words to both these nations, they are on p.

There's one other quote I'd like to mention from Volume II. "Now,
the Secret Doctrine furnishes a key which reveals to us on
indisputable grounds of comparative analogy that Garuda .... is
the origin of all other such allegories" and the emblem of time-
p.564 and on p.565, the following: "...can be unriddled only by
the primeval and original Occultism of Aryavarta brought into
India by the primeval Brahmans, who had been initiated in Central
Asia. And this is the Occultism we study and try to explain, as
much as is possible in these pages.  When the seven "thunders,"
or "sounds," or "vowels" "had uttered their voices" - but had
forbidden the Seer to write them, and made him "seal up those
things" The Angel "standing upon the sea and upon the earth" "and
sware by him that liveth forever and ever... that there should be
time no longer." (Jokingly, I can't keep quiet any longer!
Pralaya sets in.) It sounds like the key to THE SECRET DOCTRINE
is the adept's participation in man's evolution down through the

"The Logos of God is the revealer of man, and the logos (the
Verbum) of man is the revealer of God," says Eliphas Levi in one
of his paradoxes. To this, the Eastern Occultist would reply: "
On this condition, however, that man should be dumb on the cause
that produced both God and its Logos. Otherwise, he becomes
invariably the reviler, not the revealer, of the incognizable
Deity."" (Vol II, p. 589)  I'm glad there's a chance for man to
communicate this -- in the form of pralaya.

Don't worry about answering this until your paper is done.  I'm
not in any hurry.

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