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Globes and Planes

Dec 21, 1993 11:23 AM
by Arvind Kumar

It is very interesting to read all that is being said by 'fellow
theosophists'! The activity of this discussion group has reached a
level where I am having a tough time keeping up with everything that
is being said.  While I am still hoping to write to Jerry H-E
separately (a message I should have written last week) on AAB, I'd
like to toss a couple of additional questions on planes etc. :

(a) I read somewhere that what happens on the physical plane is an
'effect' only; the causes of all physical plane manifestation lie deep
on the Astral and or mental planes.  For example, it is said that all
disease happens on the mental or astral levels first (modern 'health
practice' or medical science seems to be coming around to this view as
well). Does it mean that I have already sent this message on the
Astral, or (hopefully) Mental plane? Does this discussion group exist
on the Mental plane, and what we are seeing everyday on our computer
screens is simply an 'effect' of the discussion that we are having on
the inner planes (perhaps during periods of our sleep)?

(b) It is also said that our true nature is that of 'Dhyan Chohans'
(physical, emotional. mental and egoic, buddhic and atmic bodies being
transitory). I'd like to invite comments on the difference between a
monad and a dhyan chohan, as a follow-up to a comment that Jerry S.
made recently (thank you Jerry for this and other comments in response
to my previous message). Are they not the same?

Best Regards/Arvind

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