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The Guardian Wall

Dec 20, 1993 09:35 PM
by Andrew Rooke

Some weeks ago we floated the idea of regularly publishing the
newsletter of the Australasian TS(Pasadena) on the network. Following
comments from a number of interested people, the editorial team felt
that network members might be more interested in a selected article
from the newsletter every now and then rather than all the regular
news items in the complete publication. In this spirit we are sending
the following from the Dec 1990 issue, we'd be happy of any feedback
from members of the list as to whether we should continue listing
articles this way:

                 THE GUARDIAN WALL

On March 23rd, 1989 the world narrowly avoided possibly the greatest
physical catastrophe in known human history - and nobody realized
until a week later. An asteroid, a huge chunck of rock measuring half
a mile across and travelling at 50,000 miles per hour, passed within
450,000 miles of the Earth - a close shave in cosmic terms. Had this
asteroid hit the Earth, the impact would have left a crater 5 to 10
miles wide and a mile deep. If the asteroid had landed in the ocean,
it could have created tidal waves several hundred meters high. Other
close calls in recent history include near misses by Comet Lexell in
1770 (1.4 million miles), asteroid Hermes in 1937 (490,000 miles),
and Comet Iras-Arakl-Alcock in 1983 (2.9 million miles). In ancient
times a comet impact 65 million years ago is believed by many
scientists to have contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs
which had ruled the earth (according to science) for 100 million

Theosophical teachers tell us that the Masters of Wisdom are
continuously acting as the "Guardian Wall" shielding, and protecting
mankind from a vast array of cosmic and terrestrial dangers. Although
I don't know of any specific instances where the Earth has been so
protected, we are told that these dangers arise continuously at many
levels - spiritual, intellectual, psychical, and astral. In addition
to the spectacular physical dangers with which we are more
familiar... "They are the cosmic dangers reaching our earth from
outside, from other planets of the solar system, and from dead
planets, our moon in particular... and from rivers of lives
circulating throughout the living being of the solar system which
seek to enter our earth's atmosphere (from G de Purucker The Fountain
Source of Occultism p.676). In particular, the Karmic harvest of
Humanity's collective disharmonious acts and thoughts would threaten
us if not "dammed back" as far as they are able karmically by members
of the Brotherhood of Compassion. Perhaps the greatest such dangers
facing mankind today are the psychical epidemics sweeping the world,
distracting our thoughts from spirituality and misleading us from
fulfilling our true human potential. It is said that the Great Ones
protect Humanity with their enlightened knowledge of the divine
potencies of sound, "singing" these dangers as far as is karmically
possible, into the "akasa" (the kosmical spirit substance).
At this time of the year in secret places around the globe, it could
be that one or many brave souls undergo the trials of the Winter
Solstice which may fit them one day to be another stone in the
Guardian Wall. Unknown and unrecognized by the majority of humanity,
they work selflessly to protect mankind and provide an environment
that will give us the time and opportunity to learn the lessons of
life. Inspired by the little we know of their example, let us hearken
to the true message of this Sacred Season, and go forward into the
new year in the same compassionate spirit.

Further reading : Information on the deeper significance of the
Christmas/Winter Solstice season is available in G de Purucker's book
The Four Sacred Seasons.

H.P. Blavatsky wrote of the Guardian Wall in her Voice of the Silence:
"Self doomed to live through future Kalpas, unthanked and unperceived
by man; wedged as a stone with countless other stones which form the
"Guardian Wall", such is thy future if the seventh gate thou passest.
Built by the hand of many Masters of Compassion, raised by their
tortures, by their blood cemented, it shields mankind, since man is
man, protecting it from further and far greater misery and sorrow.
Withal man sees it not, will not perceive it, nor will he heed the
word of Wisdom... for he knows it not.
But thou hast heard it, thou knowest all, O thou eager guileless
Soul... and thou must choose." (p.68)

With good wishes to all,
Andrew Rooke - Melbourne - Australia

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