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revision of prior post

Dec 20, 1993 12:41 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Brenda Tucker.


In reading over what I just wrote, I decided it needed further
clarification in places and made revisions to two paragraphs
where necessary.  I hope this is a little easier to read.

So why you might ask are there still minerals, vegetables, and
animals on this Globe, Globe D?  One reason might be, that when
it was time to move the life wave on to the next globe, the Manu,
to do so, only had to take a sample of each kind or seeds of each
kind of plant. (See p. 307 II SD) There was no reason to take the
entire population of plant life, the millions and thousands of
plants living on the globe which the life wave was leaving,
because when the life wave reached the new globe, the plant
kingdoms would expand [into the forms that were left there] from
just a few seeds of each type until there were thousands and
millions of plants [with new evolved qualities] all sprung from
the few seeds that were gathered [transferred] from the last
globe. As the evolution of a plant is not generally completed
until the seventh round, seventh globe, all of the plants from
previous globes gathering together with the main bulk of plants
which were able to establish themselves as [the main current of
the life wave in which] the forms [on the seventh globe in the
seventh round] were made ready for them, [each set of plant life
from each globe] contributing their own special qualities and
services to the final stage of being plants so that they could
enter the animal kingdom largely as one entity.  This might be a
good reason for the acceptance of group souls.  As plants are
evolving on globe F, what remains behind here on Globe D is only
a quiescent sort of remainder that can sustain the forms until
the life wave returns in the next round.

There's a really strange quote by W.Q. Judge (This is found in
the Preface to the YOGA APHORISMS of Patanjali, found second-hand
in Purucker's Esoteric Teachings, Vol. II, p. 77 in a footnote.)
about how our eyes used to be tentacles, just as all of our
senses before refining had to reach out and make contact with an
object.  [I am] following this thought to a logical conclusion
[and proposing that] our present use of senses in a spiritual
manner is one of quieting or stilling the senses to the point
that a general disuse may follow as the intuition and inner
senses become more developed.  If you could imagine the human
life wave leaving Globe D (in concert with the mineral life wave
passing to obscuration before beginning again on Globe A) and
leaving behind its seventh round human "root" to preserve the
forms for use upon [rather until man's] its return [in the fifth
round], you may find that [the remaining root of what used to be
human] to be a race [remainder] of humans with very limited
physical senses, but a general spiritual existence, [who would
remain through a cycle of six inhabitations by other kingdoms]
until the return of the human life wave.  Globe D at this time
[when the human life wave passes to Globe E] is turned over to
the Dhyan Chohans [or first elemental kingdom, I don't know
which] for the exercise and evolution of their faculties.

Au Revoir

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