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quotes on globes and keys

Dec 20, 1993 11:41 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Brenda Tucker.


Where Eldon says we have to believe the books, he may mean that
you yourself have to formulate methods of testing the hypotheses
in the books.  No real teacher ever recommended blind belief just
to create living conditions.  These living patterns would not be
based on "real" knowledge.

H.P.B. is able to present the different viewpoints as if they are
all different aspects of the ONE TRUTH.  For example, from my
previous p. xxxvii quote from THE SECRET DOCTRINE, "As to those
who may reject her testimony, -i.e., the great majority - she
will bear them no malice, for they will be as right in their way
in denying, as she is right in hers in affirming, since they look
at TRUTH from two entirely different stand-points.  Agreeably
with the rules of critical scholarship, the Orientalist has to
reject A PRIORI whatever evidence he cannot fully verify for
himself.  And how can a Western scholar accept on hearsay that
which he knows nothing about?"

And from p. 592 THE SECRET DOCTRINE, "There are learned Brahmans
who have protested against our septenary division. They are right
from their own standpoint, as we are right from ours.

So when we change our life, it doesn't mean this is final or that
we won't change again in the future after either affirming or
denying what we read and decide to test with our own life. I
think it is from people's methods of living that the globes and
planes are understood as they are by people on this network.  I
don't ever remember reading anything like what many are
expressing as their understanding of globe chains.  I understood
that the kingdoms of nature precede man on a progression from
globe to globe, and that this would mean that the great bulk of
the minerals are on globe G, the 7th globe, most vegetables are
evolving now on Globe F, and the animal kingdom has Globe E on
which to maintain superiority.   So why you might ask are there
still minerals, vegetables, and animals on this Globe, Globe D?
One reason might be, that when it was time to move the life wave
on to the next globe, the Manu, to do so, only had to take a
sample of each kind or seeds of each kind of plant. (See p. 307
II SD) There was no reason to take the entire population of plant
life, the millions and thousands of plants living on the globe
which the life wave was leaving, because when the life wave
reached the new globe, the plant kingdoms would expand from just
a few seeds of each type until there were thousands and millions
of plants all sprung from the few seeds that were gathered from
the last globe. As the evolution of a plant is not generally
completed until the seventh round, seventh globe.  All of the
plants from previous globes gathering together with the main bulk
of plants which were able to establish themselves as the forms
were made ready for them, contributing their own special
qualities and services to the final stage of being plants so that
they could enter the animal kingdom largely as one entity.  This
might be a good reason for the acceptance of group souls.  As
plants are evolving on globe F, what remains behind here on Globe
D is only a quiescent sort of remainder that can sustain the
forms until the life wave returns in the next round.

A very good book to read on this subject is CYCLIC EVOLUTION by
Adam Warcup who is currently the General Secretary of the T.S. in
Great Britain.  Our study center in Los Angeles used this book a
few years ago and it consists of quotes from THE SECRET DOCTRINE
and THE MAHATMA LETTERS presented in an organized fashion
according to topic.  Each chapter of quotes is then supported
with additional references in the second part of this two part

Also look at A.P. Sinnett's ESOTERIC BUDDHISM, 5th edition,
p.146-7 or p.327-28 6th edition.  (This reference is found in THE
reference above are spoken of in relation to the human kingdom
only, but through analogy the same principle may be applied to
the plants.

There's a really strange quote by W.Q. Judge about how our eyes
used to be tentacles, just as all of our senses before refining
had to reach out and make contact with an object.  Following this
thought to a logical conclusion, our present use of senses in a
spiritual manner is one of quieting or stilling the senses to the
point that a general disuse may follow as the intuition and inner
senses become more developed.  If you could imagine the human
life wave leaving Globe D (in concert with the mineral life wave
passing to obscuration before beginning again on Globe A) and
leaving behind its seventh round human "root" to preserve the
forms for use upon its return, you may find that to be a race of
humans with very limited physical senses, but a general spiritual
existence, until the return of the life wave.  Globe D at this
time is turned over to the Dhyan Chohans for the exercise and
evolution of their faculties.

What are the rest of you people talking about?  Can you document

Jerry H-E:

Mention of a metrological key is found on p. 595 Vol II SD.  "To
the metrological key of the symbolism of the Hebrews, which
reveals numerically the geometrical relations of the Circle (All-
Deity) to the Square, Cube, Triangle, and all the integral
emanations of the divine area, may be added the theogonic Key.
This Key explains that Noah, the deluge-Patriarch, is in one
aspect the permutation of the Deity (the Universal Creative Law),
for the purpose of the formation of our Earth, its population,
and the propagation of life on it, in general."

And if you try to argue away the integral value in my
presentation of the keys mentioned in THE SECRET DOCTRINE, like
you did before, in favor of your own listing of seven keys, I'd
just like to challenge you to present your keys as well as I did
mine, with actual quotes that were put there for the
interpretation and use by the group in any way they see fit.

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