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Pluto on T.S. chart

Dec 15, 1993 09:29 PM

 To Louise C. Mead  (with great delay...)

 Br> Your looking for events and your missing the pattern! The main
 Br> alinement in 94 is the continuing play of uranus and neptune in
 Br> capricorn 1 conjunction in 93 and 2 in 94 and a Jupiter Pluto
 Br> alinement on Dec 2 94. Pluto Jupiter happens every 12 years or so.
 Br> Uranus and

     Aloha Louise!! Here in Brazil we were studying the birth chart
of Adyar T.S., Nov/11/1875, and we became very preoccupied because of
Pluto transit in the T.S. Sun. As we saw that Pluto is both ruller
of the Sun and fifth house (creativity) of our society, and originally
it was in opposition to the Sun, we understood the revolutions it
brought to the society.

     One example was the Pluto transit over its ascendent, Cancer,
between 1927/29, when was dissolved the Order of the Star, wich
transformed the external expression of the society.

     Our previsions indicates a turnover, for good or bad, in the
physical vitality of the T.S., with great effect over the older members.
A turning to the chief objective of the society, the regeneration of
the mankind. This could bring many tension points given the various
perspectives of the work.

     This transit will suceed from the birthday of T.S. to the end of
1994, and will afect all the national sections, groups and Lodges whose
birth is in Nov/17 of any year.

     We called this crisis moment, and of opportunity, the "Theosophical
Apocalypse", and generated a great controversy when an article with
these title and contents was published in a theosophical brazilian
newsletter, The THEODIDATA, for the short sighted theosophists
understood we were saying that the T.S. would perish, when the correct
perspective is that it will to regenerate. I do believe this was the
chief reason for its foundation in Scorpio.

     Warm tropical hugs from Brazil!
     Osmar de Carvalho

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