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Guidelines for living the Life

Dec 14, 1993 04:18 PM
by Andrew Rooke

Over the past few weeks, several correspondents to the list have
mentioned the application of theosophical principles to daily life and
especially, the Chela life. Theosophy is often criticized for being
an impracticle philosophy and the subject of lounge room discussion
rather than providing vital guidelines for living. I wish simply to
draw attention to the following books in which theosophical teachers
 speak specifically of the requirements for those who aspire to be
the "servants of the servants" in the great work of uplifting human
consciousness :

Light on the Path and Through the Gates of Gold  by Mabel Collins
Letters that have helped me  by William Q. Judge
The Voice of the Silence  by HPB
The Path of Compassion  by G de Purucker

This practical advice is often overlooked in academic debate on the
technical teachings and the history of the TS.

With good wishes to all,

Andrew Rooke

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