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Re: Sex and Reincarnation

Dec 10, 1993 02:59 PM
by Jessica L. Coker

to Jerry S from Nancy

  Good for you for raising these issues.

   SEX -- yes, the subject is destined to purse lips and raise
eyebrows.  There is a lot of Victorianism in theosophy and we
need to separate the cultuaral baggage from the
univeral principles.  I'm a middle of the roader myself, not being
a chela or monkess(?) .  I am curious about sexual energy in general
however and am curious about theosophical references you may have
that speaks to it.

REINCARNATION N  --  I believe it is said that Atman and Buddhi
never fully incarnate, we are taught that the lower quartenary
disintegrates.  If higher manas hangs out with Atman and Buddhi,
and if lower manas hangs out with the lower quartenary,  what
really REINCARNATES anyway?

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