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Dec 10, 1993 01:28 PM
by Arvind Kumar

Jerry H-E,

Many many thanks for your recent message. I noticed that you have
carefully avoided answering some of my 'unfair' questions, 'unfair' in
the sense that their answer potentially involve the expenditure of
considerable energy and also, they are perhaps not readily suited to
'public' consumption. A few of them I am going to restate here in
different words (in case you just missed them due to lack of
'emphasis' on my part or whatever):

(a) Which books have influenced you the most?

(b) What is your current spiritual 'practice' (to put it in different
words, how do you incorporate the 'spiritual' into your daily living)?

(c) What is your current 'station' (or 'occupation') in life, and what
is your next step (or where are you going at the moment)?

Answers to questions of the above type will help me (and perhaps
others) greatly in getting a better understanding of where you are
coming from, and where you are headed. Incidentally, there is a regular
feature article in the TSA quarterly publication called the 'Quest'
where these types of questions are answered regularly by renowned
spiritual practitioners (the last issue of Quest has a wonderful
feature on the last couple of pages by a Buddhist practitioner which
I'd recommend everyone to read!)

Also, as I was reading one of Eldon's recent articles where he has
mentioned that the efforts of the Masters are many times not
'successful', the thought occurred to me that the three books by AAB
containing DK's instructions to his disciples ('Discilpleship in the
New Age' Volumes I and II, and 'Glamour, A World Problem') are a result
of an experiment which He (DK) termed a failure! This comment ties
into a previous comment that (I think) you had made indicating that
HPB's Masters were fallible, whereas the Masters in other systems of
esoteric studies are made to look like entirely 'failure-proof'.

Another comment that I want to make is with reference to the quote
from ML ('Mahatama Letters') attributed to KH containing DK's name ...
the reason I cited that in my previous communication was that it is
the very first time I saw a reference to DK's name by KH. DK has
stated in the introductory pages of all of the books that He has
written (I think it is called "Extract from a Statement by the
Tibetan') that He helps out the Masters M and KH whenever needed, and
this quote from KH indicates that He (KH) was indeed willing and able
to use DK as the need arose.

I realize that I will probably not be able to answer all of your
questions/comments in this message but I have tried to answer as many
of them as possible inside your message below.

Have a great Weekend (I do not logon during weekends)!

In Brotherhood and Unity,



>      I'm glad you finally got my message. I've tried from both
> Peacenet and Internet but they bounce back with "User unknown."
> John says that the trouble is on your end. Perhaps you could
> advise the accounts or help dept. at "ericsson" (who ever that
> is) of the problem.

I have asked some of my colleagues about this problem. What I have
myself experienced is that many times I am not able to send a message
out to certain destinations 'nodes' which are restricted by our MIS
department. I'll try to follow up some more on this but it appears to
me that the problem could be at your end since a number of others in
different cities (everyone except you) have been able to send me
messages at You know that the 'se' in this
address stands for Sweden, and perhaps the system administrator of
your node has restricted access to messages going to Sweden.

>      David Reigle would be happy to hear from you. Mention my
> name by way of introduction if you would like. Dave is one of a
> circle of theosophical researchers that have popped up over the
> years, and the only one among us at this time with skills in
> translating Tibetan. He keeps very busy however, so you may not
> get a quick response.

I hope to write to David sometime in the future. If you have a phone
number for him, that will be great (much quicker to call than write)!
What is the latest on discovering the book or document called 'Stanzas
of Dzyan'?  It'd be great to get access to the complete work some day!

>      Regarding books I have available *everything* that is
> published by TSA, and the other theosophical publishers I also
> carry every book in print that was mentioned in the Secret
> Doctrine, including ESOTERIC BUDDHISM. Further, I carry all of
> AAB's writings in paper bound, and Saradarayan's books, but
> haven't been stocking these topical compilations of AAB's
> writings that have come out lately. I haven't had the Helena
> Roerich books for a while because of lack of interest, but could
> get them again. I also have a lot of other things that are
> germane, but from other publishers, in such areas as astrology,
> hermetica, magic, etc. My main interest however, is in out of
> print books in these areas, and I publish out of print book
> catalogues one or twice a year. I don't want to put price lists
> out over theos-l, because I feel that it is a misuse of the
> bulletin board, but I'm happy to respond to any inquiries.

For your information, Lucis trust has two compilations ready to go
into the publishers, one on the 7 Rays ("Saptarishi') and the other on
the 7th Ray in particular. I do not think that you can order them just
now but I can let you know when I come to know about their availability.

BTW can I ask you for a copy of your most recent catalog?  My address
is 3024 Landershire Ln, Plano TX 75023-800824. I guarantee to buy at
least some of the books from you sometime soon!

Regarding Helena Roerich's books ... they are regarded very highly by
most Bailey students and also by Lucis Trust. Immediately when I found
out about the Bailey books some five years ago, I ordered (in great
enthusiasm) ALL of the books written by Bailey and Helena Roerich--I
did not order all of Blavatsky's books because Lucis does not sell
them. These Roerich books (published by the Agni Yoga Society) are
supposed to have been dictated by the Master Morya. Frankly I have not
gotten around to reading even a single one of these Roerich books so
far (but it is one of my aims to be able to read them at least once
during this lifetime!) Have you read any of these, and do you have any
comments/guidelines on a 'reading program for potential theosophists'?

>      I went back to Brenda's quote: S.D Vol. I, xxxviii:  "In
> Century the Twentieth some disciple more informed, and far better
> fitted, may be sent by the Masters of Wisdom to give final and
> irrefutable proofs that there exists a Science called *Gupta-
> Vidya; and that, like the once-mysterious source of the Nile, the
> source of all religions and philosophies now known to the world
> has been for many ages forgotten and lost to men, but is at last
> found."
>      Are you sure this is the quote you had in mind?  You did say
> it was in the middle of the book, not the beginning Also there
> is no mention of a psychological key or of three types of fire
> here. Is their another quote in the middle of the book we should
> be looking at?  The problem with the above quote is that Purucker
> and Steiner also claim to be the person described here. Do you
> feel that AAB was "more informed and far better fitted" than HPB?
> Do you feel that AAB give "final and *irrefutable proofs* of the
> existence of a science called Gupta-Vidya," (i.e. Divine Wisdom)
> and made known the "source of all religions and philosophies now
> known to the world"?  The problem is that followers of both
> Steiner and Purucker would answer in the affirmative to this, so
> this quote isn't very helpful to single out AAB. In fact, I
> think I can add others to this list who claim to be the person
> predicted here I'm more interested in the more specific quote
> you said that you saw in the S.D. that says that a disciple will
> provide the psychological key What troubles me with this
> statement, is that HPB discusses seven keys in the SD in
> different places (I can give you the references if you are
> interested), and never mentions a "psychological key."  Yet she
> definitely names *seven* keys This is why I'm anxious to find
> this quote, because I have never seen mentioned a "psychological
> key," and I have never seen any statements that there are other
> keys. Please explain.

I asked around at Lucis Trust yesterday if they had any page
reference  numbers to quotes from SD (or any of the other HPB books).
They did not, at least they could not help me on the spot I started
reading the SD before we started these discussions and as I have
admitted before, indeed I do not remember where the quote about the
psychological key to SD is in HPB's SD. I will keep looking but I do
wish to thank Brenda. Eldon for providing the page reference to at
least one of the quotes that I was looking for. I do not know whether
AAB was better fitted than HPB (no doubt in my mind that they were
both great Initiates), it appears that the Hierarchy uses anyone who
has the right 'equipment' -- even a beginner on the probationary path
can be used if the purpose can be served.

> Yes I have all of AAB's and HPB's books. My library is very
> extensive I also have scattered early issues of the BEACON, and
> am interested in putting together a complete set.
> I'm glad the hear of your friend joining the group. I can hold
> my own on HPB references, but don't know AAB well enough, so I
> depend on you for these.

Yes, I have managed to establish e-mail with Lucis Trust through the
Peacenet. (I'll send you a copy of an e-mail I got from them via
Peacenet, perhaps you'll try 'cutting and pasting' my address from
that post to see if you can e-mail directly to me). I suggested that
one of them join theos-l, and they promised to look into it but they
are very short staffed and extremely busy so I do not know when or if
they will choose to use this opportunity.

> Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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