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Dec 06, 1993 07:10 PM
by Gerald Schueler


Re my birthday, I was born on 29 October 1942. I don't know the
time. However, my mother's doctor had planned a vacation at the
time I should have been born, and so to avoid any unpleasant
complications with his vacation, he induced me several weeks
early. I was born as a "blue" baby, and given about a 50 percent
chance of making it. I was raised on goat's milk for my first
several years (you couldn't buy this those days, and so my
parents actually bought a goat and milked it themselves). I did
not want to be born, and came kicking and screaming all the way.
I was very skinny and sickly all my young life until about 12
when my family came into Christian Science. Thereafter, from 12
to 22 I was exceptionally healthy (I didn't know what a headache
was, and did not take so much as an aspirin during this time).
After leaving Christian Science for Theosophy and occultism, my
earlier poor health gradually returned. Hope this helps.

        Jerry S.

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