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Sick unwanted meanderings

Dec 06, 1993 06:45 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Brenda Tucker.


I hope you enjoyed your little sideshow to theosophy, where you and
the rest of the members involved can just attempt to belittle and
ridicule someone dear and beloved to some of the rest of us.  In the
guise of presenting the facts, you're giving the same old picture I've
always gotten in this area and that is that you don't have to love
anyone who can't withstand YOUR OWN PECULIAR TEST OF WORTHINESS.  You
and other people, including my husband are turning history into gossip
and instead of talking of something useful and presentable, you are
bringing up painful issues in the insincerest light and ridiculing
people who deserve nothing but the highest esteem.

I haven't enjoyed your work here for sometime and I hope you can come
up with something more insightful in the future.

Perhaps something involving the work of the adepts, instead of the
treacherous work of the human beings who had nothing to lose because
they couldn't contribute like our beloved Leadbeater could.  If you
really were a leader, you'd lead this whole area off this often
repeated and sick topic of who is deserving of the credit, love, and
admiration that we give Leadbeater for his work.

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