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Atman and C.W.L.

Dec 05, 1993 04:20 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


     I would question the idea of principles *above* Atman.
Perhaps you were using this for lack of a better term, but I
think it very misleading.  Both Blavatsky and Purucker define
Atman as the one universal--not really a principle at all.  The
Auric egg would not be "above" Atman, but like all the principles
and planes, *encompassed* by Atman.  Notice the chart of the
principles of man in Blavatsky's E.S. Instructions.  She replaces
Atman with the Auric egg.  Atman was used in her public writings
as a blind for deeper teachings.  As Purucker put it, the
principles unfold themselves from the Auric Egg.

     Our seven, ten and twelve planes are more conveniences of
classification to give a conception to things that are outside of
human experience.  Of course there are realities "above" and
"below" our own universe of ten principles.  Those realities are
symbolized in the twelve-fold system.

     Regarding Leadbeater. I don't blame you for any inaccuracies
in your account.  There is so much misinformation circulating on
him, that it is hard to keep things straight.  One of the
problems in getting an accurate picture of this period is the
unavailability of reliable information.  Tillett's book THE ELDER
BROTHER is the best source for information on him.  The book was
originally a Doctoral dissertation, therefore written under the
strictest academic standards.  However, much of his documentation
is from unpublished material, but I can personally vouch for its
accuracy because I have seen copies of this material.  There are
two statements concerning this book that I often hear, that are
obviously calculated to discredit it: That Tillett's dissertation
was rejected for lack of scholarship, and that the book is
biased.  The truth is that Tillett's dissertation was accepted
and he was awarded his Ph.D., which is an endorsement of its
scholarship.  The second criticism, that the book is biased, is a
rather silly ruse.  Obviously Tillett's dissertation committee
was satisfied that his research was not biased.  Even if it could
be argued that the book is, that does not mean that it is not
factual. Unfortunately, those vested in discrediting this book,
are the same people who keep the documentation Tillett used from
being published.

     I think the attitude you had when you were devoted to
Leadbeater's writings is typical.  I also agree with you that
those who consider him a spiritual hero should be left alone.
But there are some who out of devotion to him take rather radical
action that I believe must be confronted.  All of the published
material documenting Leadbeater is extremely rare.  Foot's two
books on "pseudo-theosophy" are so rare that the number of copies
still extant and not locked away in archives can probably be
counted on one hand.  We know of perhaps three sets of the
Australian magazine DAWN that is still extant, in or outside of
archives.  The THEOSOPHIC VOICE, published by the dissatisfied
parents of "Leadbeater's boys" is so rare that Nethercott
(Besant's biographer) was unable to locate a copy and concluded
that it never existed.  Believe me, it does.  Why is this
material so rare, when positive material on leadbeater, printed
in similar quantities, is so relatively common?  The story is
that Besant had asked her E.S. members to destroy this material
as they found it.  I can't confirm this story, but if it is so,
it explains the rarity of this material.  I remember about twenty
years ago, I knew a devotee of Leadbeater who was a member of the
T.S. and E.S. during Leadbeater's time.  When I knew him, he was
a book seller, and I was one of his best custiomers. One day I
asked if he had run into any copies of the O.E. LIBRARY CRITIC
(This is another publication that was critical of Leadbeater).
My book dealer friend became visibly upset when I asked this
question and said "No! I haven't seen any, and if I do, I will
burn them!"  I asked, why would you want to do that?  He
answered, "Because they are full of lies, and they all should be

     Fortunately, the Edmonton Lodge has reprinted the O.E.
LIBRARY CRITIC and DAWN.  So now there are lots more copies to
burn--or to read, if one is so inclined.

     Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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