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Dec 01, 1993 02:19 PM
by Arvind Kumar

Jim Meier:

Thanks a lot for a wonderful card and your words of encouragement! I
donot have your postal address for mailing a card or letter and I am
not sure how to find your e-mail address. Hope to hear from you some
more soon!

Jerry H.

What can you tell me about Jeanine Miller and David Reigle (see the
message below from Daniel)? I am very interested in 'networking' with
anyone with the type of background that they have!  Also I hope that
you will be commenting soon on my previous message of November 12
which I re-sent to you yesterday.

Brenda Tucker:

Sometime ago you asked the question about what HPB had said regarding
what came first : plants/animals or humans?  In SD it says (as far as
I can recall) that man appeared first (in the First Round) on earth,
then came minerals, plants and animals!  However, in this, our fourth
Round, minerals, plants and animals were present (as a result of
'Karma' from previous rounds?) before man appeared. Hope this helps a


I went through the two papers that you sent me, one on SD III and the
other one by Ray Morgan on Misleading Mayavic Ideations. Enjoyed
reading both of them immensely.

I have the following questions for you:

a) What do you do these days?  Are you into full time research on
Blavatsky? What is the role or the Blavatsky Center with which you are

b) I'll be interested in getting a copy of the work by Cleathers on
Alice Bailey (as you kindly offered in your message below). I'll pay
you whatever the cost is.

c) Did Ray Morgan write anything else after the one paper that you sent
me? Especially the work he proposed to do on Bailey's writings?

I find it most interesting that Ray Morgan's comments on Leadbeater and
Besant mirror those made in Bailey's Unfinished Autobiography (which I
had included in my last message of November 12, 1993--which apprently
some persons did not receive).

Also I find very interesting the quotation (on p.30 of Ray Morgan's
paper) from Letter # 54 from KH (from the  'Mahatama  Letters' I

"I dread the appearance in print of our philosophy as expounded by Mr.
Hume. I read his three essays or chapters on God (?), ....... This is
preposterously ridiculous; if he publishes what I read, I will have
HPB or Djual Khool deny the whole thing..."

The reference in the above by KH to DK (Djual Khool) is of interest
because it establishes the 'fact' of DK being involved in the
theosophical/'hierarchial' teaching right from the time of HPB. This
corroborates what is stated by Bailey about HPB being her 'predecessor'.

In Peace, Light and Love/Arvind

> From:
> Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1993 23:05:45 -0400 (EDT)
> Subject: Vol. III of the S.d.
> To:
> Sorry for not responding promptly and have not done internet for
> several days. Vol. III of the S.D. is unfortuanately out of print.
> And the Quest reprint of Vol. III under the title Esoteric Writings of
> H.P. Blavatky is also out of print. Most of this material is to be
> found in Vol. 14 of H.P.B.'s Collected Writings, published by Wheaton,
> Illinois. You can probably obtain a copy of Esoteric Writings or
> Collected Writings, Vol. 14 from Jerry.
> I haven't received your letter with money but will send the 2 articles
> to you in the near future.
> I have been reading your interchange with Jerry and find it quite
> (mispelled).
> Alice Cleather, a personal student of H.P.B, wrote a pamphlet in the
> 1920s or 1930s, called (I believe) *The Pseudo-Occultism of Alice
> Bailey*. It is probably available from the HPB Library in Canada.
> Jerry or I could probably supply you with a photocopy of this
> pamphlet.
> By the way, Jeanine Miller, A Theosophist with an expertise in the
> Vedas, and David Reigle, a Theosophist with a wonderful knowledge of
> Sankrit and Tibetan, are both serious students of Alice Bailey's
> writings. Ask Jerry about their viewpoints.
> I will continue to read the interchange and at some point will give my
> own point of view.
> I love internet and I love the Theosophical discussion group.
> Take care,
> Daniel
> Daniel Caldwell, The Blavatsky Information Center, P.O. Box 1844
> Tucson, arizona 85702  E-Mail:

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