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Vegetarianism and spirituality

Nov 24, 1993 07:27 AM
by jim meier

This letter is in response to recent posts regarding
vegetarianism and spirituality.

I am neither a vegetarian nor an expert in the matter, but I do
know of at least one TS publication on the topic, and that is a
small pamphlet entitled, "Vegetarianism and Occultism" by C.W.
Leadbeater, first published in 1913.  In its forty pages, he
outlines several reasons for abstaining from flesh-eating,
including a section on "Occult Reasons" where he says (among other
things), "The man therefore who builds gross and undesirable
matter into his physical body is thereby drawing into his astral
body matter of a coarse and undesirable type as its counterpart."
                                                      -- p. 31
I seem to recall reading somewhere that vegetarianism is absolutely
essential for those psychics involved in reading the Akashic
Records, but only for that group -- and that for the rest of us, it
is not what goes in our mouths that defiles us, but rather what
comes out...


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