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various replies

Nov 23, 1993 05:48 AM
by eldon

by Brenda Tucker

Mike G.

I appreciate your question about the I Am Temple.  This is a place
where one of the students (as they are referred to) asked me, "Who
created the animals, God or men?" My answer of "God," is not what they
believe.  They believe that men created the animals, so this gave me
food for thought, my mind trying to remember what THE SECRET DOCTRINE
teaches.  Does anyone know more about this subject?

Also, this is the place where it was stated during a group meeting,
"Man comes into existence as one flame, and departs from existence a
three-fold flame." My best interpretation of this is that our love and
knowledge expand to the point where we choose to associate strongly
enough with the energies of the adepts that we hold their flame close
to our heart, and the last flame would necessarily seem to be the
flame from the sun, the flame that associates our existence with the
life of all the kingdoms.  My own three-fold flame would be a
self-created flame, an adoration flame ensouled by the adepts, and a
cosmic-solar flame which ties all life together.  (I also,
confidentially and secretly, hope that through some decision by the
"flame of the sun" there can be a metamorphosis that allows my flame
to merge with that of the adepts and never part from that great energy
to become human again.)

But really, why don't you try to find an I Am Temple and inquire

Arvind and Jerry H-E.

The quote you are looking for was supplied to me by a friend and
fellow student.  It is found in the Introductory of THE SECRET
DOCTRINE, p.  XXXVIII, which I would like to predicate here from p.
xxxvi of the same work.  Religious founders are TRANSMITTERS, not
inventors nor original teachers.  An example is Confucius who says, "I
only hand on: I cannot create new things.  I believe in the ancients
and therefore I love them."

Blavatsky goes on, "The writer loves them too, and therefore believes
in the ancients, and the modern heirs to their Wisdom.  And believing
in both, she now transmits that which she has received and learnt
herself to all those who will accept it.  As to those who may reject
her testimony, -i.e., the great majority - she will bear them no
malice, for they will be as right in their way in denying, as she is
right in hers in affirming, since they look at TRUTH from two entirely
different stand-points.  Agreeably with the rules of critical
scholarship, the Orientalist has to reject A PRIORI whatever evidence
he cannot fully verify for himself.  And how can a Western scholar
accept on hearsay that which he knows nothing about? Indeed, that
which is given in these volumes is selected from ORAL, as much as from
written teachings."

"For in the twentieth century of our era scholars will begin to
recognize that the SECRET DOCTRINE has neither been invented nor
exaggerated, but, on the contrary, simply outlined; and finally, that
its teachings antedate the Vedas.  (Footnote inserted here: This is no
pretension to PROPHECY, but simply a statement based on the knowledge
of facts.  Every century an attempt is being made to show the world
that Occultism is no vain superstition.  Once the door permitted to be
kept a little ajar, it will be opened wider with every new century.
The times are ripe for a more serious knowledge than hitherto
permitted, though still very limited, so far.  End Footnote)

"Speaking of the keys to the Zodiacal mysteries as being almost lost
to the world, it was remarked by the writer in "Isis Unveiled" some
ten years ago that: "The said key must be turned SEVEN times before
the whole system is divulged.  We will give it but ONE turn, and
thereby allow the profane one glimpse into the mystery.  Happy he, who
understands the whole.!"

"One turn of the key and no more, was given in "Isis." Much more is
explained in these volumes.  In those days the writer hardly knew the
language in which the work was written, and the disclosure of many
things, freely spoken about now, was forbidden.  In Century the
Twentieth some disciple more informed, and far better fitted, may be
sent by the Masters of Wisdom to give final and irrefutable proofs
that there exists a Science called GUPTA-VIDYA; and that, like the
once-mysterious sources of the Nile, the source of all religions and
philosophies now known to the world has been for many ages forgotten
and lost to men, but is at last found."

Well, I'm very glad to here of these mysteries and would myself like
to mention a mystery.  As the four or seven kingdoms inhabiting the
planet Earth are very much dependent on each other for their food and
air in order to just live, it is difficult to think of the Earth as a
being independent of these kingdoms, but it is possible.  If you were
to remove every possible trace of these four kingdoms, minerals,
vegetables, animals, and humans, what would be left in my imagination
is a very thin skeleton of magnetism or gravity, a cycling energy,
rotating and revolving around the sun.  The mystery is this: What are
we doing here? On this solid being, the suns rays bring its kingdom
children to "suck up" through a combination of energy a lesson or an
ability.  In exchange for this energy-ability I have learned from
earth which I can someday present to the sun as a gift, I offer the
earth my sum total of experience to keep and make whatever it will of.
Earth mother, may I please be set free and allowed to return to the
sun? I also pledge to help all others gain their freedom and

I'd like to respond to Eldon in regards to kama, but I've run out of


Loved your purification and think you would be a great aid to
stimulating vegetarian practices because of your interest and
knowledge.  I thought I mentioned before what my own practices are,
but will say again, I have FINALLY attained vegetarianism, abstention
from alcohol and illegal drugs, and also a good measure of abstention
from sex.  My husband and I both follow these rules and I think we
should also emphasize the purification of our emotions and minds so
that there is no obstacle or a dissolving of all obstacles to the
cognition at a soul level.  Beyond this human existence exists a being
that is loving, aiding, and serving the growth of others into
enlightened beings.  Although I am content to "miss" that existence,
my way back to the work there is through LOVING the higher self from
the lower self and through purifying and removing any obstacles at the
level of the lower self.  I was only higher self for about a total of
5- 10 minutes today.  Not a great average.  It's like raying out help
in the form of enlightenment, protection, and love, and while there
are many rays to other beings, only certain ones may be stimulated at
any particular time.  This may be based on need, merit, or the working
out of the great plan.

Thanks for your time.

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