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new article in archive...

Nov 21, 1993 06:09 PM
by John Mead

I have placed the following article in the theos-l archive,
and am forwarding the following summary as supplied by Eldon.

John Mead


An article, "The Path is Life Itself", by Eldon Tucker, has been stored
in the 'theos-l' archives. It originally appeared in THE THEOSOPHIST,
Adyar, Madras, India, in two parts, in the August and September 1975
issues. (The article is about 640 lines.)

An excerpt:

     In summary, there are dangers both in becoming too smug in
one's daily life and losing sight of the spiritual possibilities
that life holds, and dangers in an extreme, irrational enthusiasm
that often results in pledge-fever. The process of self-genesis, of
getting one's feet on the hold path, is one of self-conscious SELF-
EVOLUTION. And this is something that is best handled by paying
attention to one's actual place in life, and in making the
impersonal, unselfish choice at every crossroad in life, which
occurs in reality every moment. We should remember that a study of
the theosophical teachings is not so much a learning of terms and
concepts as it is of learning through experience of the mysteries
that life holds.

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