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messages exchanged and truth

Nov 21, 1993 05:44 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


     Received your message of November 18th.  The reason for the
message from John Mead is because he is trying to help me find
you why I'm unable to send you messages directly to your mail
box.  I have tried many times without success.

     Once I'm able to reach your mailbox, I will send you the
information that you requested.

     Regarding your earlier question about Blavatsky's writings:
All of her books are in print.  He published articles are
collected into fourteen volumes plus a cumulative index in a
separate volume.  I have all of these on hand--Books by Bailey
too.  I will give you details when we figure out how I can get
through to your mailbox.

     I can make you a copy of THE PSEUDO OCCULTISM OF ALICE
BAILEY if you are interested, but I think we can do a more
thorough and better quality inquiry than was done in this
pamphlet.  There is also an annotated version of this pamphlet by
Victor Endersby.

Brenda Tucker,

     Whether or not Alice Bailey was predicted by Blavatsky is an
issue we are currently looking at.  You ask "Why can't we all
be?"  Why not?

     As to whether or not Leadbeater is "untrue," that is a much
more metaphysical question than appears on the surface.  I see
truth as more of a personal matter.  Leadbeater can be true to
some and untrue to others.  If the study of Leadbeater makes one
a better person, and put them on the road to spiritual
fulfillment, than I recommend that this person read Leadbeater.
I would say the same thing about Blavatsky, Bailey, Lee Iococca
and Adolf Hitler.

     I realize that there are other ways of defining truth.  We
can talk about "objective truth," if we come from a positivistic
view of "reality."  We can also talk about metaphysical TRUTH.
But these are all very problematical to discuss, especially
between people who come from widely differing assumptions
concerning the nature of reality.  I prefer to talk about
personal truths--there is a better chance for communication.

     From another perspective: one way to test relevance of the
message of a teacher is to see how long it lasts before it is
forgotten.  Leadbeater's books are still being reprinted, but
each edition has less and less material in it. I suggest you ask
why the editors at Wheaton keep editing out portions of
Leadbeater's writings.  I mentioned earlier that over fifty pages
were removed from the last printing of THE INNER LIFE.  At this
rate of editing, there won't be anything left of his writings to
print in fifty years.

Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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