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Re: prophecy and purification

Nov 16, 1993 10:43 AM
by Michael W. Grenier

Brenda, you wrote:

> If you consider Leadbeater to be untrue, this must be because you
> refuse to see the light in his work.

Could it be that Leadbeater didn't always tell the truth (perhaps
unknowingly)? I have no reason to doubt him but raise this question
because I'm uncomfortable in stating that the Leadbeater or any other
writer ALWAYS writes the truth. We all have limitations, both the
authors and the readers.

Brenda also writes:

> This time it was my desire to associate with and learn from the I AM
> Temple that allowed me to take my life under control ...  I was
> instructed to use violet flame exercises for six months, due to my
> digressions, I believe.

Brenda, what is the I AM Temple? The use of the violet flame reminds me
of Church Universal and Triumphant and the Keepers of the Flame under
guidance of Elizabeth Prophet. Are they related?

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