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the theater of life

Nov 10, 1993 07:50 AM
by eldon

My first posting of this was cut short after three paragraphs,
because I made a mistake and used the "F" work, "From", in starting
a line. Since the first part was so short, I'm reposting the
first three paragraphs along with what was lost.


The human kingdom has been compared to a grade in school, and the
analogy is useful. Considering how a school works, we can see how a
great period of evolution begins for us, the start of the school
year, the evolution proceeds through successive lessons or unfoldments,
then it ends with completion, graduation, our passing onto another

The school itself does not progress. Even though the students may,
most of them, passed through, say, fifth grade, and are now ready to
enter sixth grade, the fifth grade remains behind. A new batch of
pupils enters the grade, and the same cycle of learning has begun
anew, with new students, but the same grade, the same humanity
as before.

There are two ways to view the workings of a world. A world has a dual
nature to it. One way is from the standpoint of the creatures in the
world, its inhabitants, its life atoms. From their standpoint, the
world exists as a home or stage for existence. This world both is their
host, and educator. The cyclic changes and sweeps of consciousness
that the world goes through are experienced as grand sweeps of
evolution. It appears that the world's purpose is to educate, to teach,
to lay out a plan of evolution for its beings.

Taking the other point of view, a being is embodied, has a form, and
it is a single, living body. Upon close examination, it is comprised
of a collective hosts of beings of vast numbers, all active in their
own lives, but this is not seen nor experienced at the bigger, the
macrocosmic level. The being, the Heavenly Man, goes through his daily
life, his activities, and as he goes through a day, he repeats the
same routine as he may have for thousands of days before. There is a
rhythm, a pattern, a typical routine to how he lives his life.

Or taking the microcosmic point of view, as a being in the universe that
his existence has created, these "days" are vast evolutionary periods.
A "day" of brahma is a vast evolutionary period for us. Otherwise
known as a planetary manvantara, it comprises the time of the entire
evolution through one of the kingdoms of nature. And a "week" of
brahma would be called a solar manvantara, where we've passed through
the entire seven kingdoms and completed a cycle of evolution.

This vast cycle of evolution, though, seeming to comprise all that
there is to be learned, as we have passed through the seven, actually
ten, kingdoms, from the lowest Elementals through the highest Dhyani
Chohans, is but a single cycle of evolution.

We have started from a state of perfection, with a burning desire,
a "tanha", for self-consciousness, and begun the evolutionary
process. Contemplating matter, seeking concrete existence, we go
through seven stages of materialization, through the Elemental Kingdoms
to our final goal of the Mineral, then seek a return, raising the
acquired self-consciousness higher and higher, through the Vegetable,
Animal, Human, then Dhyani Chohanic Kingdoms, until we've returned
with the Treasure of self-consciousness.

Having done this once, is this all there is? Do we simply keep going
in a single direction, higher and higher? No. The cycle is repeated
again. We continually repeat the cycle, as do all beings, at whatever
scale of being. The cycle repeats eternally.

First is the silence. Then the hunger for self-consciousness. Then
the contemplation of the material and seeking of self manifestation.
Then the acquiring of concrete existence. Then the evolutionary
return to our source, reaching perfection. And a period of silence,
deep within, follows. But a time comes again where we again come
forth. And again. And yet again. It is an eternal thing.

There is more than one week in the live of Brahma, and we participant
in many, if not all, of them. Our total time in existence is not
limited to a single pass of evolution, a single week, a single
evolutionary dip into matter. We, Brahma, and still loftier Gods
and beings, at however high a scale, all follow the pattern of
nature, all follow the course of life, all exist according to the
same plan. And it is a grand plan, full of hope and wonder, with no
end to things or lack of challenge and experience to come.

Enjoy life. Participate in the Plan. Realize that there is an
underlying order to things. Experience both the living nature of
things, the structure to life, and its eternal flow. And let's break,
discard, free ourselves of those terrible molds of mind, rigid
patterns of thought that put blinders over our eyes and prevent us
from gazing on the wonderous panorama of the theater of life!

                         Eldon Tucker (

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