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less-expensive internet access

Nov 09, 1993 12:45 PM
by eldon

For users needing a less-expensive means of access to "theos-l", I'd
suggest, if it has a local phone number for you. It costs
under $20/month, and has numbers covering different areas in the USA:

For local access numbers:

1. much of California is covered

2. (818)585-3400 - pasadena ca - local area

3. (206)547-5992 - seattle area

4. (214)753-0045 - dallas/ft worth including plano texas

5. (617)237-8600 - boston ma - greater metro area

6. (703)255-5951 - washington dc area including arlington, vienna,

Additional information about accounts can be obtained via
email to "" or calling (408)554-8649 (voice call).


The file that I made available yesterday on the lessor maze, as John
Mead mentioned, requires a CAD or graphical-display program to examine
and work with. It is not self-sufficient. The file is in IGES format,
a common format for the interchange of CAD data, which all the different
programs should support working with.


                           Eldon Tucker (

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