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Nov 09, 1993 09:33 AM
by Jessica L. Coker

This is from Nancy

Just as I caught up with all the letter on the Net, more come
in and I'm behind again.  Is everyone reading ALL the mail?  Is
there an intelligent way to organize this that I am somehow
missing?  I love the conversation but I am two weeks behind in
answering mail.

To Jerry HE

Thanks for recommending THE DOUBLE -- I'll get a copy of it.  I
am enjoying the conversation on Bailey as so many correspondents
and students are familiar with her, I would like to understnad
the differences and similarities between she and HPB better.

To Andy

Yes, I'm famliar with Lozoff's works -- he is just becoming
active again after 3 years quiesence.  Thanks.  Good to hear
about your prisoner program.  Any possibility any of your
prisoners would want American prisoner pen pals?  Some are
so lonely, that their letters are small books -- would be
nice if they could have others to write to who are in similar

to the Group

Regarding the March meeting at Krotona on Theosophy in the
21st  century -- I'd be happy to carry messages from this
group to the meeting -- any thoughts?

Pasadena HQ was spared any fire damages (Our buildings are
in Altadena and it was scarey for a while) but some friends
lost their house.  Brenda -- I guess this was one giant
purification practice huh?

Bye.  Nancy

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