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One Truth & the Lesser Maze

Nov 09, 1993 05:07 AM
by daratman

Re: Eldon & Brenda
Subj: One Truth, Purification & the Lesser Maze

Understanding Infinity requires but one viewpoint:
"no matter where you are, you're always in the middle".
The 63rd point of the lesser maze is in the center. From
that point you can construct what Fuller called the
"Vector Equilibrium", which will intersect the maze at
specific locations, forming a 3D Yin-Yang arrangement.
Optical illusions and hidden points will complicate your
problems of computer display and printing. Before I had
any computers I built them by hand. First I did it out of
poster board (which allows everything to fold flat - if you
cut the triangles appropriately). Next I found a plastic
construction kit called "Ramagons" that allows you to build
the various structures with and without surfaces. These can
be digitized at any angle and put into the computer, printed
out and animated. This may be something you'd like to try.

I have several 3D software programs on my Amiga computer.
One of them is called "Imagine", which is also available for
IBM compatibles. The object files are interchangeable across
platforms and many people have made objects available rather
inexpensively. For example, I purchased a set of platonic solids
and their stellations for $18. The Amiga will animate and record
the renderings to videotape. (That's why I got it in the first place).
In a while the new Multimedia PCs will be doing the same thing.

You might want to consider putting your book on video or
CD-rom. But then you'll have to consider adding sounds.
Here comes the One Truth part...

The mathematics of the Vector Equilibrium provides the formula
for translating geometric shapes into sound. "Architecture is
frozen Music". This is neither poetic nor theoretical.
It works like this:

Picture the Great Pyramid as the top half of an octahedron.
The relationship of its height to half its base is 14:11
(the square root of Phi). 14 is the radius of a circle with a
Circumference of 22/7 x 14 x 2 (C=Pi x d) or 28 x 22/7
= 88.

With half the base being 11, a side is 22 and four
times the side equals the perimeter = 88. C=P.

This is the meaning of "The Circle Squared".
Drawing a circle inside the square (radius 11)
gives a Circumference of 69.142857 which, when
squared again and another circle drawn within it,
(radius =8.6428571 and C=54.326528) yields
a relationship to 88 of one to Phi.

The missing capstone is 1/16th the height (14/16).
The circle of its radius has a Circumference of
22/7 x 14/16 x 2 =5.5 (11/2). This is the unseen,
unheard building block of music: the Interval.
A Major chord is in the mathematical relationship
of  4 : 5 : 6,  the note divisible by 4 being four times
the interval and called the "key" note. (A minor chord
is in the relationship of  4 : 4.8 :6 or 5 : 6 : 7.5). In this
case the key note is 4 x 11/2 =22. This relationship is
true of any harmonic sequence regardless of what the
key note is. The Great Pyramid is four octaves
carved in stone (11/2 : 11 : 22 : 44 : 88). It is the
physical manifestation of the One Law,
The Law of the Octave: The One Truth.

By using measurements in its construction that create
a base perimeter of 36524.24 units (100 Earth years)
it can be seen that The Law also defines Time and is
more than just a poetic reference to the "Music of
the Spheres."

It works because shape has energy and energy has shape.
Healing and Purification come when external vibrations
are in harmony with internal vibrations. Our very own
bodily molecules follow this same Law. We are held
together by Harmonics.

Since a circle with a diameter of 28 has a Circumference
of 88, a string of length 28 can also be tuned to 88 cycles
per second, providing a perfect iconic correlation between
what is seen and what is heard. Retreating from the
chromatic scale and returning to the diatonic of A Major
pure, 88 cycles per second becomes what we call F,
the key note, the home note, the Mother of the "gods".

F  A  C  E  G  B  D  =  4  5  6  7.5  9  11.25  13.5
Then times 22 .....
  88  110  132  165  198  247.5  297  and up 2 octaves:
176  220  264  330  396  495     594
352  440  528  660  792  990   1188.

These cycles/dimensions can be translated into degrees
merely by multiplying by 12/11. Then you get a
set of numbers that Pythagoras preferred to discuss
(132 becomes 144, etc,) The tuning of A becomes 432
instead of 440, dividing the note by 6 rather than 5.
Of course you'll find other variations from culture to
culture, but the notes can all be geometrized into one
interconnected grid.

To truly comprehend this, however, one must measure
the frets, build the instrument, tune the strings, play
the chords and feel the tones vibrate through the body.
Then you'll feel the Truth. Give it a whirl. It's the
trip of a lifetime.

Daniel Hampson

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