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lesser maze available

Nov 08, 1993 03:50 PM
by John Mead

Hi --

I placed the file3 big.ig3 and readme.ig3
in the theos-l archives as well as the FTP directory.
send to the message

index theos-l
get theos-l big.ig3
get theos-l readme.ig3

The listserver will forward them to you.

I suggest you look at readme.ig3 (or re-read eldon's
prior theos-l posting) before you get big.ig3
It appears that you need the CAD software to make this work (?).

I have also added a file to the FTP directory ( /pub/theos-l
at and our theos-l Library (through listserv)
called electric-mystics-guide-v1.txt
This has information regarding Religion/mysticism/etc..
that is available on Internet.  It is pretty thorough.
It is a valuable guide to seekers on Internet.


John Mead

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