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Nov 02, 1993 12:09 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

This is by Brenda Tucker.

For people who haven't had a chance to get a copy of the new
biography by Sylvia Cranston titled, H.P.B., I'd like to report on
one chapter, Chapter 3 Science and The Secret Doctrine in Part 7 The
Century After.  Believe it or not, this chapter begins with a quote
from a presentation by none other than our own Jerry Hejka-Ekins
(whom Cranston calls a "leading American Theosophist").  We're all
very impressed Jerry!!!

True to form, the chapter then proceeds to the subject of prophecy in
THE SECRET DOCTRINE, and in particular the years 1888 and 1897 for
producing a "large rent" in "the Veil of Nature." An overview from
THE NEW OUTLINE OF SCIENCE by David Deitz follows beginning with a
written report of a discovery of x-rays on December 28, 1895 by
Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen in Wurzburg, Germany.  In 1896, another major
discovery: radioactivity was made by Antoine Henri Becquerel in Paris
who studied fluorescence in relation to x-rays.  Uranium and thorium
were thought of as eternal atoms and these were found to be actively
transforming themselves by throwing off great pieces of themselves
(Robert Millikan).  So it destroyed the idea of immutability of the
elements. (Did it?) In 1897, the "most important discovery of all",
that of the electron, by Sir J.J. Thomson who used the work of Sir
William Crookes which asserted a fourth state of matter, solid,
liquid, gaseous and now radiant matter.  Two points: 1) A quote from
THE SECRET DOCTRINE concerning a prediction by H.P.B. that Crookes'
"discovery of radiant matter will have resulted in a further
elucidation with regard to the true source of light, and
revolutionize all the present speculations." 2) I believe Cranston is
stating that the entire field of electronics "radio, motion pictures
and electronic instruments" was possible because of this last great

How are "electronics" related to the electron? Please excuse my
ignorance on this subject.

1898: Marie and Pierre Curie discovered Radium, four times more
radiant than Becquerel's uranium.

1900: Max Plank: "matter radiates electromagnetic waves, which are
wave-like and corpuscular," also electrons jump from orbit to orbit
without passing through intervening space---the quantum leap and

1905: Einstein's E=mc2, mass is equivalent to energy.  Matter is
convertible into radiant energy.

Cranston explains that matter is energy condensed, whereas energy is
matter spread out.

Check out a pending publication by Reed Carson entitled: BLAVATSKY'S

Other prophecies found in THE SECRET DOCTRINE: "The atom is
divisible." "...where matter APPEARS inert, it is the most active."
and "that there is no rest or cessation of motion in nature." A quote
from "an American theosophist" (who is none other than W.Q. Judge)
"force and matter are only two sides of the same SUBSTANCE." or her
own direct assertion from ISIS UNVEILED, "Every objective
manifestation...requires two conditions: will and force--plus
MATTER...and these three are all convertible forces.  .  .  ." Here's
H.P.B. in THE SECRET DOCTRINE again, "The wave motion of living
particles" becomes comprehensible on the theory of a spiritual .  .
.  universal Vital Principle, independent of OUR matter, and
manifesting as ATOMIC ENERGY only on OUR plane of consciousness.

Not surprisingly, Cranston states that scientists at MIT have
regularly studied THE SECRET DOCTRINE in groups.

In the field of biological sciences, after a lengthy discussion of
genetics, H.P.B.  relates, "The Universe is worked and GUIDED FROM
WITHIN outward.  .  .  .  The whole Kosmos is guided, controlled, and
animated by an endless series of Hierarchies of sentient beings, each
having a mission to perform.  .  .  .  They vary infinitely in their
respective degrees of consciousness and intelligence."

In the field of Astronomy, scientists are recognizing reincarnation
versus a destiny of destruction.  The quote from THE SECRET DOCTRINE
is "This process has been going on from all eternity, and our present
universe is but one of an infinite series, which had no beginning and
will have no end."

Gaia Science, or the new field of studying the earth as a living
entity, was dedicated in THE SECRET DOCTRINE where H.P.B.  says, "It
hardly seems possible that science can disguise from itself much
longer, by the mere use of terms such as "force" and "energy," the
fact that things that have life are living things, whether they be
atoms or planets." Once more, if you'd like to generate an awareness
of other worlds being inhabited, "think how if minerals are alive,
then of course all worlds are inhabited." (CRANSTON)

Scientists, once material, are now expressing deep belief that
physics and mysticism are somehow fraternal twins.  (Ken Wilber,
A scientist is one who pricks "the impenetrable in order to
know it, that this manifestation of highest wisdom is accessible and
to the scientist, this knowledge and this feeling of awe is at the
center of true religiousness."  "The devotion and strength of feeling
from those who pioneer work in theoretical science, without which
achievements are not possible, is a cosmic religious feeling." AND
"...the serious workers are the only profoundly religious people."

As Sarah (Balam) and Eldon and I study together twice a month, I
thought you might be interested to know that her complaint, after
becoming acquainted with theosophy several years ago with a group
meeting somewhere near San Francisco, was that theosophy was
outdated.  I could see where she might think so since the most widely
studied literature is from the last century and people are projective
of what they read as much as they are able to be.  I, for one, admit
that I am the outdated one, not being able to keep up with the
scientific understandings, and not theosophy.  It really helps to be
able to share this chapter with the subscribers to this network as in
some ways I'm still going through what many learned men and women did
a century ago, and I'll probably need to repeat the experience as
with so many day to day activities, this awareness and appreciation
of great laws, doesn't retain its vividness.

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