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M's Pipe and a message to Leonard Cole

Oct 31, 1993 10:04 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


I tried to send to following message to your mailbox without success.
So I'm sending this through the bulletin board, as I can't figure out
what I did wrong.

Dear Osmar de Carvalho,

     Greetings from central California.  Thanks for your inquiry.
I no longer remember the exact passage we were reading when the
described incident occurred, but I can offer you some passages
concerning M's pipe:

     Letter 71 is partially a thank you note from M to A.P.
Sinnett for his gift of an english style pipe.  "The pipe is
short and my nose long, so we will agree very well together I

     At the beginning of letter 96, M mentions that he was in
Lhasa on Dec. 16th, smoking the pipe Sinnett had given him.

     A little past the middle of letter 54, KH talks about H.P.B.
idolizing M, making him "an Apollo of Belevdere, the glowing
description of whose physical beauty made him more than once
start in anger, and break his pipe while swearing like a true --

     If you ever decide to make a personal study of the Mahatma
Letters, or do them in a group, I recommend that you use Hanson's
READER'S GUIDE TO THE MAHATMA LETTERS, and follow her chronology.
It puts the letters into perspective.

Cheers from beautiful downtown Turlock.

Jerry Hejka-Ekins

To Leonard Cole:

       I tried to reach you through your mail box, but also without
success. Re. your message: Yes to both questions.  You can reach me at
(209) 667-7486.

Jerry Hejka-Ekins

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