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RE: what is a scientist

Oct 30, 1993 00:16 AM
by 91484615


I beleive being a scientist is a state of mind, a commitment to yourself
to try and understand the world around you, and to varify your beleifs
by empirical means.  I think working together with others and conducting
experiments, thought experiments if nessesary, is essential to being a
scientist.  What better way to study comparitive science than to become
a scientist?   I beleive there are other fundemental laws and forces in
nature, perhaps religions have been dealing with them for a long time.
I don't think scientist is an elite title, just a serious commitment,
that anyone can choose to make.  I  feel the three objects are the
most import goals of theosophy, I admire the way Blavatsky embraced
the science of here time, but I think we need to weigh some of her
material in terms of recent information and understanding, this is an
age of enlightenment.

Jay Amundson

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