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Oct 28, 1993 05:17 PM
by Gerald Schueler

Eldon.  Your Model of the Three is interesting.  Are you aware
that you are touching on the esoteric key to the theory of magic
words?  Virtually all schools of magic throughout history have
had the idea that certain words are associated with magical
power.  The ancient Egyptians believed that "the life of a person
is invested in his name" (from my own translation of "The Legend
of Ra and Isis").  The Gnostics taught that the 7 vowels were
especially powerful  creative forces, the consonants merely
adding specifics and direction to them.  One of the first tasks
of Adam after Eden was to give every animal a name.  The Tantras
teach that shabda, sound, has creative power and that every
physical object has its own inherent sound or frequency - its
bija or seed sound.  The idea is that by saying the true name of
a thing out loud, you can create the thing itself, or effect it
in some way.  Of course, this only works if you know the *real*
name of the thing.  Many magicians were reluctant to give out
their real name for fear that it could be used against them.

Just as divinity created the universe from a Word, so we can
create through names or Words of Power.  Ritual Magic uses
Barbarous Names or Words of Power to invoke energies and forces
from occult realms.  It is well known that sound is the most
basic and most powerful of our senses.

Arvind.  I really enjoyed the Buddhist essay.  Hope you can give
us some more.  Thank you.

                                  Jerry S.

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