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a few cents

Oct 24, 1993 08:40 AM
by Katinka Titchenell

this from Kim


I remember reading in one of the Gandhi biographies that he never
did experience any of what we would term "psychic" phenomena.
Earlier today you wrote:

>I would say that spiritual development can progress to quite an
>advanced stage without any paranormal powers, paranormal in the
>sense of extended senses, consciously leaving one's body, or most
>of what we'd call psychic or occult powers.

Some thoughts occurred to me on the need for psychic development
in spiritual development, or lack of same.  Many theosophists may
maintain that "mahatma" Gandhi was not a mahatma in the sense in
which the word is used when applied to M and KH.  This may or may
not be the case, but in any event, I can't help thinking that I
am so far from being in any position to pass judgment that, from
my perspective, the distinction is immaterial. Similarly,
whatever benefits psychic powers might bestow at some
advanced stage of development, the vast gulf (eons it would
appear) between that stage and my current state precludes my
having any meaningful perspective on the matter.

Having just proven (at least to my satisfaction) that I can have
nothing cogent to say on the subject I will close.


PS: Have enjoyed much of the discourse on theos-l, just wanted to
put in a couple of cents.

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