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New Lists and Libraries are UP!!

Oct 24, 1993 10:22 PM
by John Mead

Hi --

Due to popular demand,  and a concerted effort to please and
meet everyone's needs, we have created the additional lists
and defined the following "rooms" for discussions.

Theos-News  : News and announcements related to Theosophy.
Theos-Roots : Existant works, and the sources of Theosophy.
Theos-Buds  : New Growth and (pre)seedings of the Theosophical Movement.
Theos-L     : The Universal Village

I am adding *ALL* current Theos-L members to *each* of these lists.
Those who wish to *limit* their e-mail expenses and costs may
"signoff" the lists which they choose to defer.

(send e-mail to with the command

     Signoff Theos-XYZ

Where Theos-XYZ is Theos-L, Theos-News, Theos-Buds, Theos-Roots)
There is no formal monitoring on any of these lists.  Please use the
lists for their intended involvements.

The Theos-Roots and Theos-Buds lists are to be used for more serious
discussions regarding their respective efferent and inferrent aspects
of Theosophical Movements.  Please try to keep these two at a worthy
discussion level.  Not neccessarily formal papers,  but academic quality
is the goal (a goal *attempted*,  but not required.  We are all

Each list will have their own archives and logs.

Please note:

The listserver services *all* lists. To get a listing of library
archives request: (send to

Index Theos-L
Index Theos-Roots
Index Theos-Buds
Index Theos-News

To retrieve a specific file ..

ex: Michael Meyers essay on "A New Image of the Cosmos ..."
in the Theos-L archive.  send to the message

Get Theos-L meyers01.txt

this will request the listserver to send you the essay from the

Please feel free to discuss and ask questions on any of these additions!
(Theos-L is our global "back-yard fence" to talk with neighbors)

Peace --

John Mead

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