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youth and memory

Oct 23, 1993 10:04 AM
by eldon

Jerry S:

The optimism of young people, their high energy and feeling that
they can accomplish anything, comes from an intense desire to *be*
in life, the outward directed kama energy seeking to create in the
world and give expression to their lives. The desire to *be*
eventually exhausts itself, becoming replaced with the desire
to *not be*, leading to eventual withdraw until the next lifetime.

I am constantly amazed at the pure enthusiasm for life in my
almost-four-year-old daughter, Galina. I see the same energy in
the youthful mind in the college student, seeking to know and
apply in life that knowledge with an innocence and purity that
is too often lost with increasing years.


I like the phrase "continues below the Abyss", and find the term
"Abyss" helpful in looking at embodied existence from the point
of view of the formless worlds.

One experience of the formless worlds is that you do not need a
form, a body of whatever sort, to manifest through, you act directly
upon the objects and beings in the world. What, would you say, are
other attributes of experience of formless existence?


I agree that the writings of Alice Bailey seem to differ from those
of HPB, that there are differences in their teachings. Although
Bailey's writings do not appeal to me, I've known some theosophists
that are attracted to her. I would not, speaking for myself, teach
nor recommend her, but allow others the right to read and study her
for whatever they find of value.


In one sense, memory is the personality's storehouse of experience,
which corresponds, in a reflected sort of way, to the treasury of
karmic experience in the Auric Egg, deeper within one.

There is much that we have learned in this lifetime that can be
remembered, although only a tiny bit of it is active in the mind
at any moment. There is much that we have felt and are capable of
feeling, that could arise in response to a changing life situation.
Even our muscles have a "memory", and are capable of action when
called upon, though idle but a moment before.

The resources that can be called upon in the personality to
contribute to make up the consciousness of the moment is
the "memory" of the personality. And the deeper resources, built
up over an eternity, that can be called upon as latent talents and
skills that *might* be learned in a life, constitute the "memory"
of the individuality.

Memory is really what we have made ourselves, and defines the
boundaries or limits of what can be called forth in support of
the consciousness of the moment. The resources of consciousness
are there, ready to be used when drawn out, and personal or
spiritual development constitutes both the widening of these
boundaries, the extension of these capabilities, as well as the
increasing of the *size* of consciousness, the increasing of the
amount of what we know and are that can be realized in the
current moment.

                           Eldon Tucker

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