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out-of-body experiences

Oct 13, 1993 07:08 AM
by eldon

I'm really glad to see this discussion group in action. It challenges
one to think and express himself, and unlike a regular discussion
group, one can, years later, follow the discussion and benefit from
it (by reading the monthly email files).

There are about three topics I'd like to respond to from Jerry S,
and more from Jerry H-E. Responding to one topic to Jerry S:


What constitutes first-hand experience? What constitutes doing
something? What is a real activity? There is something more to the
experiencing of life that just physically going somewhere and seeing
what is there, be it in a globe D physical body or a mayavi rupa on
some other globe.

Our basic seat of consciousness, what we know as ourselves, is the
human ego, a center of consciousness seated in kama-manas. As long as
we as monads remain centered in this principle, our consciousness only
spans a single globe and remains locked in with the flow of the
human lifewave.

When we visit other globes, like in the after-death states, I would
say that it is just us as the higher triad, Atma-Buddhi-Manas, which
passes through. Karmic, self-conscious activity, taking on a physical
form and entering into embodied existence, does not happen. We are in
the bosom of the Monad, and in a devachanic sleep. The reason is that
the kama-manasic self we have evolved appropriate to each globe is
different and appropriate to its respective globe. Our consciousness,
as globe D kama-manasic beings, does not span the globes.

I would expect that most out-of-body experiences are not learning
experiences on other globes, but rather pre-devachanic experiences,
where one populates, animates, then interacts with a number of casts
of characters in a self-devised stage in the astral light.

I do not preclude experiences on other globes, but self-conscious
manifestations, with the full seven principles, with the *process*
of embodiment with birth, growth, etc., requires a dedicated period
of time when not embodied on globe D, and can only happen if one is
already partly rooted in one's consciousness in the Spritual Monad.

For "visits" to the other globes, to "taste" them but not fully
exist there, one is introduced (e.g. "initiated") into such experiences
at the higher initiations held at the sacred seasons, and the purpose
of such visits, I'd think, would be to help one more fully disassociate
from the personality and become rooted in the individuality, by having
a sense of how the globe D personality is only one type of experience
and one's true being is something higher and different that it.

One would have to be nearly a Mahatma, to be able to create a
mayavi rupa on another globe, to be above the normal process of
embodiment both here on globe D and there.

Rebirth on the other globes will come for all of us as the human
lifewave progresses to them. For a few it will come earlier, but when
it happens one is in a "lifetime" there, embodied on another globe and
"dead" here on globe D.

One thing that I wonder about is what happens after one steps a little
ahead of the lifewave, but is not yet a Mahatma or advanced Chela?
We hear of Fifth Rounders and early Fifth Rounders, but what of late
Fourth Rounders? It is there a period of time when one disappears from
being born on globe D, as one's personal focus of reembodiment is on
globe E, F, then G?

                                 Eldon Tucker

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