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Australasian TS Newsletter

Oct 12, 1993 11:00 AM
by Katinka Titchenell

Dear theos-l folk,

The following is the Australasian TS Newsletter courtesy of its
editor, Andrew Rooke (  It is a
publication of the TS (Pasadena) Australasian Section issue no.
43 September 1993.  We thought it would be of general interest to
the theos-l folk.

Back issues to the newsletter are available in hard copy to those
who want them by applying E-mail to Andrew Rooke at or snailmail to 664 Glenhuntly
Rd.,  South Caulfield, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3162.  Tel.
(03) 528.1011.  Fax: (03) 528.3907.  There is no charge for this
Newsletter.  Contributions are most welcome from around the world
via E-mail or ordinary mail.  The newsletter will be available
from now on via e-mail.  If you would prefer not to receive it,
please let me know.
Kim Titchenell (

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